March 10, 2012

Cease Fire Walk Today at 2pm

Cease Fire is having a peace walk today at 2pm. Meet up is at the corner of Jonquil and Paulina and will proceed south to Clark and Touhy. In case anyone has been out of the loop, there have been shots fired at both locations this week.

Hopefully some of our NOH neighbors will be able to attend. I'll go with my notepad and cell so I can note all the issues for the ward office. Hopefully others will do the same to document problem buildings/issues along the way. Let's see if any representatives from that office attend as well as all the social service agencies that have been located here.

March 8, 2012

All The Loverly People

Where do they all come from??? According to our new commander they live in Rogers Park and went to kindergarten together. So the myth that people from elsewhere come here, cause trouble and leave needs to be dismissed.

There were two emails and a phone call this morning to let me know that around 4AM both sides of the 1400 block of Jonquil Terrace were the non-movie set for the cowboys shooting back and forth at each other. Several cars were hit and the cowboys don't have to pay for the repairs. One neighbor heard at least 20 rounds. I'm sure a flurry of emails are awaiting Ward 49 to respond to.

If anyone asks for specifics on issues with troubled buildings here - may I suggest that while we're at work, someone from the ward office walk along Jonquil and count the damaged cars and hope that no strays went into any residential windows. Most of Jonquil west of Bosworth to Paulina is composed of non-owner occupied apartment buildings that appear to either be poorly managed in desperate need of our governmental agencies to get involved and do their jobs.

For those who live here but don't get involved until it's on your front door....oh well, you know who you are.......... For those who practice the code of know who you are too. There's no need to attend community meetings and get angry if you refuse to help clean up the mess someone else created.

To those actively creating the mess - where are you this morning? Where's the accountability?