February 29, 2012


Sunday was such a pleasant day I walked around the neighborhood. Seven years after this blog began, I was checking on many of the same problem buildings posted over the years. Repeatedly.

In 2012 the same buildings have broken windows, illegal double keyed gates, illegal chains and padlocks on gates, unsecured front doors, construction trash that's piled up over the years...

Some buildings have changed management according to the sign posted. The questions are: Have the screening processes improved? Has there been an improvement to the building? Are the mostly absentee owners monitoring who is residing in their buildings and/or the activity in and around it?

After posing these concerns to a distribution list of North of Howard neighbors, the response began dialogue with the ward office. Now it's on record that there are several people with concerns about the quality of life here. If any reader wants to chime in, please email me at howardwatchers@aol.com and I'll add it to the problem list to be checked out.

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Jim A said...

I'm glad to see you posting again. I discovered this site since the November hiatus and have enjoyed going back and reading your entries from previous years. Thanks