August 9, 2011

More on Saturday's Shooting/Murder For Hire

Special thanks to the 24th District Police for getting these young men off the street.

Thanks to the watchers who make a difference. Are the rest of you ready to start watching and getting involved a little more?


mcl said...

Our motto at the North Howard Neighbors Association:

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

Welcome back. Toni!

Bosworth said...

Why is there no outrage in our neighborhood regarding this shooting? Why aren't people out marching to end the violence? A man was killed at point blank range with a sawed off shotgun by teenagers that were paid assassins!!! Teenagers that were violating the curfew law among others. This is not normal behavior people! This is unacceptable!
Where are the email blasts from our alderman to let the neighborhood know what a great job the police department did catching the perpetrators so quickly?!?!
As usual for the NOH neighborhood, everyone, including the alderman has their head in the sand. All types of unlawful behavior NOH has become acceptable. That's just what happens in the ghetto. Everyday, normal behavior. How sad.

Toni said...

MCL - I've been around, watching, calling and going to meetings. I'm hardly part of the problem except for those who would like to take the truth way out of context!

As I told you on a phone call, for years I've posted photos of the problem buildings, problem owners, and years later not much has CHANGED. Click any link on any year and one can see the regression is still going strong in this land of progressiveness.

Toni said...

Well said Bosworth. In the 'old days' there would be prayer circles, roll calls, and walks. It's gotten so far out of hand that even the ward leader doesn't bother with us anymore. Our leader is far too busy with gardens in toxic soil, the Friday meet-ups, and other important business for other taxpaying voters. We don't count NOH.

It's the usual handful of people NOH making noise while the rest have their heads somewhere - not sure it's the sand either!