August 23, 2011

CAPS Beat 2422 August Meeting

As many of you know, 'downtown' cut back on the CAPS program and the
24th has changed some beat meetings to accomodate officers shifts.
Unfortunately Beat 2422 was moved from 7:00 PM to 5:00 PM and to the
4th Thursday of the month. Unfortunately, many of the regular
attendees are just getting off work at that time. The 24th would like
to see how a sector meeting would work between Beat 2422 and 2424.

Below is the schedule I was given for the next few months. I hope you
can work this into your schedule because the officers need to hear
from you. If you are not comfortable discussing problems in a public
meeting, please contact the CAPS office at (312)744-6321 and discuss
with one of the officers. However, an hour of your time by enough of
you for your neighborhood just might make the difference. It's your
neighborhood - not the anti-socials.

August 25th 5pm will be at 1610 W. Howard - Willye White Community Center

September 22nd and October 27th will be at 7340 N. Rogers at 7pm.
Pottawattomie Park -- Field House

November's meeting will be on Tuesday the 22nd 5pm at 7450 N. Rogers to
discuss how the meetings worked at 7340 N. Rogers with Beat 2424.

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