February 19, 2011

It's YELLOW This Year

I've avoided this election as I find it BORING for the most part. However, I received a call today to inform me that the boys and girls have done another post card. At least this time they left me out of their politiwork and when it was read to me it appears they cleaned up their English grammar this time.

The bright yellow card was sent to Northpoint residents.

Northpoint consists of 12 large apartment buildings in this small area owned by AIMCO. Back in 2002, Moore and a few others rubberstamped their approval so AIMCO could get a $15 million loan to 'rehab' the buildings providing HUD and IDHA extended the program, for I believe, 30 more years beginning in 2012. Every election year this noise is made - and the new lease hasn't even kicked in yet! It's really old news folks.

Front of Card:

Joe Moore Fought to let you stay in Rogers Park (with the following quotes)

"Thanks to Joe Moore, my family and I won't be priced out of Rogers
Park." Brenda Dunkins

"Joe Moore made sure the Northpoint apartments were repaired and
upgraded to ensure safer, more modern homes for you and your family." no name

"Joe Moore worked hard to guarantee the affordability of Northpoint
apartments and your home for at least another 23 years until 2034." no name


Moore office address on 1774 W. Greenleaf

A Special Message for Northpoint tenants to vote 2/22 and lists
polling places NOH

These were mailed with 44 cent stamps and mailed 2/16. Just like the famous PINK one of the last election! Hummm....anyone want to convince me the crew had nothing to do with the PINK one now?

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, on my way home from running errands, a man was placing bright colored sacks in doorways. I told him they'd be emptied and tossed all over for good residents to pick up. They were 'gift' packages from Ben Myers who is trying to convince people to write him in as alderman. The contents are jars of herbs and seasonings. One jar I just checked has an expiration date of 1/16/2011! Don't forget to check your front door!

So far I've had robo calls for White and Moore; a phone poll asking me if the election was today would I vote for Joe Moore, and the usual BS tree killers in my mailbox. I'm looking forward to Wednesday 2/23 aren't you?


Kheris said...

Ah, the color of crocuses and daffodils. Does this mean you will change the base color of your wardrobe? Yeah, I know, snarky to the end.

Toni said...

Haa, it's also the color of BANANAS too remember? Let's buy them a new deck of race cards.

Fargo said...

Can't forget those bananas. ;)