February 10, 2011

Beat 2422 Meeting Cancelled 2/10/11

Due to the extreme cold the February monthly CAPS Beat meeting - tonight - has been canceled.

I noticed a comment this blog is dead! Not so and neither is the blogger. But I'm not ready to purchase a scanner, quit my job to sit home and post everything I hear. Some calls turn into a 'nothing' while others turn into an issue. If you see it on another blog then enjoy it. If it's been posted for hours on neighboring blogs and/or the media there's no need for me to repeat when I finally get home is there? You might want to check with the 24th on accuracy on any criminal event.

We have several of the same problem buildings we had when the blog started. Thankfully, one of the big pains, Jay Johnson, has gone into foreclosure, the buildings are supposed to be in receivership - when I hear the real scoop, I'll post it. Of course, if you're in a investigative mood you can always check the status on Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

As for upcoming elections! It's sleepy time on most of them - there's no fire to put out on any of them. It would be great to see a high volume of voters but no one can predict the future - only check on history and make comparisons.

In the meantime, stay warm!

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