August 28, 2010

Lights OUT on Howard

Neighbors - the street lights are out on Howard from the El (Paulina) to Marshfield.

Please call 311 to get their attention. Remember to ask for a referral number too.

Howard Street is pitiful enough in daylight but after dark with no lights it's the ultimate blight.

August 23, 2010

Woman Shot on Paulina

There were shots fired on the 7700 block of Paulina in the early morning hours. A neighbor called later in the morning to report crime scene detectives around Paulina/Jonquil. A female on a bicycle was taken to the hospital. Click the headline for the small blurb that did make the Sun-Times

I took the long way to the el this morning but the detectives were gone. One woman exiting a building on the corner said she heard 5 shots around 3 am. Another person told me the incident was around 4 am further north on Paulina.

At any rate, shots were fired again in our neighborhood and this time a person was hit.

August 12, 2010

HOT - 7712 N Ashland Online Auction

Wow, look at what you can purchase for just $1000! Auction – 7712 N Ashland.

Of course, you will also purchase the Code Violations. According to a very trusted source who does real estate law – the TOP floor of 7712 N Ashland sold July 1 for $75,000. *Thanks Chris for the auction and code links!

So I printed the information from the email including snapshots from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds for the Beat meeting. Still, the representative from the ward office insisted that someone lives there. Maybe – but who would want to live in a building where squatters and party people are running in and out all night? Who would really want to live in a building without a door knob, lock, or any kind of security?

Punks removed the doorknob

It was suggested that with the ward’s help, corporation counsel could be contacted to put this place into receivership. "The city as well as Fannie Mae have the authority to have a receiver appointed to address these problems." Fannie Mae owns the other 3 units.

Any neighbors residing near 7712 N Ashland may contact me or call the ward office with this suggestion. Is it any wonder that the decline of any neighborhood is hinged on this type of quick sale to investors? This property has flipped several times since the first foreclosure. In between flips - non-resident 'owners' rented to anyone and their clan.

August 11, 2010

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting

The August meeting will be at Willye White Community Center at 1610 W. Howard, 7:00 PM.

Remember, what happens 5 blocks or 5 miles may eventually have an impact on you - this is your neighborhood. There's no such phrase as 'It's Not My Problem'.

August 10, 2010

Abandoned Buildings & Illegal Parties

Illegal Parties

Illegal parties are taking place within your
community and are causing disturbances
and dangerous situations. Please be aware
of the possible indicators of an illegal party
taking place within your community.

• Occurring in a vacant or abandoned building
• Charging admission
• Sale of alcohol without a license
• Curfew violators
• Overcrowding
• Excessive noise
• Drinking on the Public Way
• Fights and other disturbances
Call 911 when you suspect an illegal party is
occurring. You can also TXT2TIP the police if
you receive information that an illegal party is
going to occur at 274637 (CRIMES) or call
your local district community policing office.

“Safe Neighborhoods are Everyone’s Business”

Oddly, the above press release from the 24th District came out just after another episode at 7712 N Ashland. A big party was going on in the place and spilling onto the parkway. This building was finally put into troubled buildings in January. It's been foreclosed upon, there have been auctions, a 30 day notice to vacate was sent on June 6, 2010. There was a court date with the next follow up in January 2011!!!

There are two real estate lock boxes on the fence. One neighbor who was interested went to see the place and learned that one floor had allegedly been sold. So perhaps the alderman's office can finally get this story sorted out. To date the myriad emails I've been copied on seem to argue with the neighbors who have to deal with this mess instead of helping them. The ward office needs to ensure that the place is secured and kept that way. Someone put a padlock on the front door and since photos don't lie - the whole door knob has been removed.

Dump it in the parkway 7712 N Ashland Punks removed the doorknob

Neighbors, keep your eyes open for the signs and symptoms of squatters, burglars and the illegal parties. Apparently the powers that be feel that they'll get to heaven by enabling poverty and anti-social behavior. Meanwhile, we get hit in the pocket multiple times - taxes to pay for others rent, the police and fire departments, our city council and their follies and the greater scheme countrywide. By the time all is said and done maybe we'll have a buck or two for ourselves. There should be a more earthbound solution.

August 8, 2010

Wild Night On Howard Street

After ten or more minutes of what seemed like non-stop sirens, I looked out and saw blue lights on Howard. Undercovers, squads, ambulances, and police were everywhere and yes, the crowd was spitting nasty.

Saturday Night On Howard Street

One male told me 'a girl got beat up and the cops came and beat the shit outta everybody'. Yeah right kid. There's always that slant when the police have to show up in large numbers. But then in certain minds, beating a woman is acceptable behavior.

People complain that the police don't make arrests on the spot for even minor infractions of the rules. The police say their hands are tied thanks to the bleedin' heart liberals amending the laws, yet the trouble makers on the street claim brutality. One officers response was "yeah right, how about they were beating the shit out of my officers?"

As one ambulance tried to leave Howard and turn on Ashland, members of the crowd decided to amble across Ashland as slowly as possible. The ambulance honked at them to move and they turned and yelled the phrase we hear 24/7 "f*ck you assholes".

I considered dialing the alderman's number so he could come clean up the graffiti but decided against it. He and David Orr and their followers made this mess but they're neither brave nor bold enough to admit it. Isn't that one step to solving a problem? Admitting there is a problem?

August 2, 2010

National Night Out - 2010

This year National Night Out will be held Tuesday, August 3, 2010 in Warren Park, 6601 N Western Avenue from 6-8 pm. Organized marches will start at designated locations to show our solidarity and take a visible stand against crime.

Take back our streets
Strengthen our neighborhood spirit
Partner with local police to fight crime
Send the message to criminals that our neighborhoods are organized and fighting back!

Outdoor Police Roll Call
Information for Seniors
Meet and Greet Neighbors
Children Activities

If you can't participate in a walk to Warren Park, you could always sit outside with your neighbors.

The above information from the on the headline for the CAPS website for more information.