May 31, 2010


I've had several neighbors call about the lights being OUT on Howard Street since last week. If you live in the area - please call 311 and report it. You might also mention it to the alderman at tomorrow's Satellite Office at the Howard el.

May 27, 2010

Weekly Neighborhood Walk -

It's a holiday weekend but we will walk! Canine neighbors are welcome too.

Meet up:

Every Friday - 7 PM
Willye White Community Center
1610 West Howard

We're still accepting volunteers for Neighborhood Nights to play board games with kids in the park. Come on out and join us.

May 26, 2010

Wisdom Bridge Is Falling Down, Falling Down...

One of my all time favorite songs is “Do You Believe In Magic” by the Lovin’ Spoonful. So what’s that got to do with a building collapse? Well, a lot of people are having a difficult time grasping the concept of “Do You Believe In Coincidence”. We just heard the 49th Ward zoning committee approved the plans for Wisdom Bridge, upzoning for the 7 storey building etc. The email blast said the community approved the latest plan. However, there never was a call for a show of hands – just the usual procedure of show and talk. It’s supposed to – and I hope – be an economic development on Howard. However, that’s what was said about the Gateway Mall a few years before I moved here. I stated twice in the public meetings that if this building is also home to NFP’s here, then there’s nothing for me to purchase to boost the economy. But…back to today.

This morning was the first time pedestrians could walk on the north side of Howard following sidewalk replacement after fiber optics went during the dead of winter. They cut a strip in the middle of the sidewalk, installed the fiber optics and patched it with cement that was rough due either to a speedy patch up or the cold January weather. So for a few days, we ALL had to walk on the south side of Howard.

So what happened this afternoon? Part of the façade of Wisdom Bridge Theatre fell onto the sidewalk on the south side of Howard.

More Barren landscape More Rubble on Howard Wisdom Bridge - One Last Longshot

Of course, another email blast came tonight to let us know the roof collapsed and no one was injured. That’s good – but the tone of the email almost seemed joyous. Or maybe I’ve just seen too many catastrophes in 8 years up here. Last week I saw several squad cars and a paddy wagon from the train as it pulled into the Howard Station. I walked down Ashland to Rogers to learn that a man had been murdered in his apartment. Then last night I heard yelling – which happens a lot in front of certain buildings here. Around 10:15 pm or so, I heard tires squealing and more yelling. I looked out and saw undercover police, blue and whites and lots of officers scouring residential yards across the street. I heard tonight that they caught their person – what else – drugs.

Mr. Aronson and Mr. Moore – you have a lot of work to do on Howard Street. Since neither of you LIVE here – please put thought into what the BIG PICTURE is if you dare speak the words economic development. I really can’t envision North Shore residents parking behind the Howard Theatre and walking to this site for a fabulous evening of dining and theatre if the gunslingers are shooting and the drug dealers are asking them “you straight?”. That’s what we have been dealing with – isn’t it time to change something here?

Demolishing the facade of Wisdom Bridge Theatre Note the WATER SPRAY at long last!

This is what the North Shore folks will see if some meaningful plans aren’t put into action.

Barren, desolate Howard Street GEDC0076

In closing, at least the demolition crew did it right. Note the water spraying as the façade came down. Spraying is required by the EPA to stop dust contamination from asbestos etc., but was NOT done when the Lerner Building was torn down, the Adelphi Theatre and the North Shore School. AND, all three are un-developed, barren patches or holes in the ground.

May 20, 2010

NOH Walks and Neighborhood Nights

For those who want to do their civic duty but don't care to walk - please help with Neighborhood Nights in conjunction with Walks. The non-walkers can play board games with the kids outside at Willye White Community Center while the other neighbors walk. We can use tables and chairs from the facility. The chess club also meets on Friday evenings, maybe they'll join us.

Two neighbors have offered to volunteer on the games - please contact me so we can do our first event tomorrow, Friday, May 21 at 7:00 PM. Meet up at 1610 West Howard.

May 16, 2010

Hooligans Tear Down Fence

Late Thursday night, a group of 12-15 males were out and about with nothing positive to do. So after playing fisticuff for awhile they decided to do a little property damage. Pushing back and forth on a fence, they finally tore a section apart. Realizing their little game had resulted in damage, one crawled inside, propped up the fence and exited through the owners front gate. The two comrades buzzing back and forth on bicycles were keeping a protective eye out for the police (who were called before the incident).

So the owner is replacing the fence at a ballpark figure of about $500 not counting his time. Had the broken fence collapsed on a pedestrian someone would have tried to sue. So the man had no choice but to tear down and replace. After all, the Crusaders only show up to protect the perps - the hell with the good neighbors who want and deserve a safe, quiet neighborhood.

Then there's the woman who allows the kids to hang out of screenless windows yelling down at their friends. Last night the F word was resonating on the crisp night air. If mom or guardian is talking to the kids that way, is there any doubt why the kids have an attitude?

Real nice neighbors we have.

May 13, 2010

Meeting Tonight - Beat 2422

If you live between Juneway to the North and Jarvis to the South, Clark to the West and the Lake on the East - you live in Beat 2422.

Tonight is the monthly CAPS meeting. Please attend.

7450 North Rogers
Gateway Senior Residence - Community Room
7:00 PM

May 10, 2010

Two Shot - Silver Car Involved....

OK, still want to convince some of us that there's nothing going on here?

May 6, 2010

Happiness Is A Happy Kitten

Happiness is……having Snoopy to play with!

Soho and Snoopy Soho and Snoopy Soho and Snoopy Soho and Snoopy Soho and Snoopy Soho and Snoopy

Police Roll Call on Howard Street

In response to the gunfire lately and to last night’s shooting incident, the police held roll call tonight on Howard Street. Thanks to the alderman and neighbors who were able to attend on a few hours notice. It was a tad chilly - but we're tough, right? And we're tired of hearing gunshots right? Have we had enough?

3 Howard Street - Police Roll Call 7 pm 1 Howard Street - Police Roll Call 7 pm

What would an event be without the Bojo Brothers? They're standing at attention too.

The BoJo Boys at attention!

The next CAPS Beat meeting is Thursday, May 13 at 7:00 PM at 7450 N. Rogers, Gateway Senior Residence in the community room. Please attend - it's just an hour of your time but an hour that might help improve the neighborhood.

And to everyone’s surprise, the demolition of an eyesore on Howard.

One Eyesore - going, going -soon to be gone

May 5, 2010

Male Shot NOH

Shortly after the Wisdom Bridge meeting adjourned there was more gunfire tonight. This time a male was hit in the ankle or leg behind the facility. The whole area was closed and had yellow crime tape around it. I left the alderman a message that yet another gunslinging episode happened shortly after he left.

Two neighbors reported hearing gunshots early this morning - so there is something ugly going on in the neighborhood.

This is not 'occasional violence'.

Kitten Tossed Like Trash

A neighbor called about 7:00 this morning apologizing for the early hour but wanted to know if I had any cat food. He said he was walking his dog and a woman passed him, reached into her purse and tossed this kitten behind a wrought iron fence. He hoped the smell of cat food would lure her close enough to grab.

She's a curious baby Little girl is 6-8 weeks old Orphan Kitten Tossed from evil woman's purse

By the time I grabbed a can of soft food, tied my shoes and ran around the corner, there he was with a jealous dog and this little girl in his arm. It’s been a traumatic morning for little orphan. She was tossed away like trash, rescued by a man with a dog, transferred to me for a bus ride to the vet. Dr. Hauk at Broadway Animal Hospital was great and so was the staff. He asked where this happened and he knew the intersection of Howard/Rogers and Greenview. He suggested the name SoHo since it was South of Howard!

She tested negative for HIV/Feline Leukemia, is flea and ear mite free and is now sleeping. After such an experience for one kitten, one dog and two humans, maybe we can re-think the need for businesses on Howard. We need a good vet in walking distance for our pets and for outrageous emergencies like this.

Thank you neighbor for being a caring person. God only knows what would have happened to this baby if you hadn’t been at the right place at the right time.

May 1, 2010

Gunslingers on Howard

Before Sandy’s at the corner of Howard/Bosworth opened this morning, the gunslingers shot out a store window and one or more vehicle windows parked across the street on Howard. There was glass in the street in front of the Caribbean American Bakery.

Shattered vehicle glass from gunshots Shattered vehicle glass from gunshots

Sandy's boarded up window from gunshots Beautiful Howard Street - NOT 1619 W Howard - drink and drop The Lovely Gateway Mall lower entrance
The walk up and down Howard to the mall is not a scenic route is it?

Perhaps instead of promoting the same old developers and ill-thought out social experiments, the man who calls this his ward should do some serious thinking. It's almost an election year – the least he could do is clean up North of Howard. It's time for a SLUMLORD SUMMIT. If any of the innocents get hit by these gun toting idiots, it’s on his hands and a few others who do NOT LIVE HERE. Is that what it will take? Another gunshot victim?