November 4, 2010

Shooting NOH

A neighbor near the area called last night about a shooting. A tipster sent the link - click the headline for the full story.

Thanks For the News clip!


Just after 10pm on November 3rd, 7600 block of N. Paulina, aggravated battery with a firearm. One male adult shot in the head, arm and abdomen. Male offender fled in a red or maroon older model vehicle towards triangle park. The victim was in serious condition at time of report. Police received several calls of shots fired at 5am on the 4th, police responded and were impressed by the number of callers.

According to the sergeant I spoke to, the offender walked up to the victim, fired and fled.


geofredo said...

Tales from the Top?
Aint no ghetto this is my home?

Looks like some writers writing about your neck of the woods

Toni said...

Interesting twist Geofredo! I love the downplay of the reality. Ms. Parker should get to know the old timers I've met. Some of their stories are the background of 24/7. Sadly, not much has changed.

Another neighbor sent an email today:

"I read your BLOG this morning, The Shooting at the Jonquil may explain the gun shots fired along Juneway this morning around 5:00 a.m. While laying in bed I heard what I thought were gun shots in the distance like on North Paulina? Definitelty from the West around 4-5 rapid shots, then there were 6-7 more but closer, then there were 6-7 more on Juneway between Marshfield and Ashland. A call to 911, where the 911 person said police are on the way and in the area. Looking out the window, police activity was on Juneway between Marshfield and Ashland…evidently no one was hit and nothing found?? Possible coincidenence ….or connection between the Hotel and this morning.."

Toni said...

I'll check with the 24th CAPS and see if there is anything to report other than 'shots fired' again.

The neighbor who called around 11PM last night said there was a shoe in the middle of Jonquil/Paulina - and several squads were on the scene.

The incident this morning may be unrelated but then, only the shooters know.

geofredo said...

overall its a farcry from uptown's ok corral though.

NOH is getting better, slowly
just like all of Rogers Park.

Bosworth said...

Two shootings within a few hours of one another??!! Where is our alderman? Oh wait..he was at the El trying to get signatures for his petition to run for re-election again.

Yeah right made this mess...get it cleaned up and maybe you'll get my vote. Until then, I will not support you.

Toni said...

Geofredo - And Uptown has more than a handful of active people working on the issues. NOH has been diced and sliced into some zombie mentality where both sides seem to shrug and go on. That is until the bullets are in their front yard.

A few meetings with owners or managers in the alderman's office would be a positive start on getting the rules straight with some of the problem buildings.

geofredo said...

THe main thing with NOH is some buildings need to change hands,
like say the old howard theatre building.

Some buildings need to be emptied out and rehabbed and repopulated with decent people.

Look at Reside on Morse, 110 units changed over and its amazing the difference its made.

Toni said...

Yes, I totally agree and doubt that too many would disagree that is, those who don't have 'other' vested interests in keeping things BAU - Business As Usual.