November 20, 2010

Missing Rogers Park Woman - Could Be Armed

A possibly armed woman who suffers from mental disorders has disappeared in the Rogers Park neighborhood and police are asking for help in finding her.

Police say if you encounter her, do not approach her but call 911 or Belmont Area detectives, (312) 744-8266. Click Headline for full story and description.


Bill Morton said...

What is her name? What is she wearing? Where does she live? What does she look like?

Your post could describe many I've met in Rogers Park.

Bill Morton said...

I just got the update from the Chicago Sun-Times:

"A police News Affairs statement said Gloria Rodgers, 63, has been located, and she is safe".

buddaha said...

Could someone give us a description of what the woman looks like - hair color, height, age, etc. I'm out walking my dog at least 3 times a day and have a pretty good chance of running into her.