November 21, 2010

Blither and Blather

Do you get dizzy or confused reading the news?

Odd, now candidate Rham would use TIF dollars to hire police in one article. In another, the city council wants to provide affordable housing via TIF dollars – barring a Daley veto. Meanwhile another article reminds us that Quinn wants to raise income taxes.

Now here, in Ward 49, we’re trying to create another wheel, a RIF! What that boils down to is some of us can soon get up and go to work, see our checks chopped by Quinn then diced by Cook County then sliced again for a special assistance fund for landlords providing ‘low income housing’.

Why this select group? What is this select group going to do for the community? Screen tenants better? Enforce the rules that go with ‘affordable housing’? Are they going to live in their own buildings and keep the loiters and noisemakers at bay? Or are they just going to get their boilers and roofs fixed on the taxpayers dime?

No one is talking much about EDUCATION or CRIME. Maybe they think it will go away if we’re taxed to the hilt?

1 comment:

The North Coast said...

The notion of creating a special taxing district for the purpose of hiring more police is surreal.

I mean, isn't providing adequate police protection one of the core purposes of a government?

Maybe we'd have more money for police and fire protection, and other important civil services only a municipal government can provide, if we were not diverting so much money from public purposes to private purposes via TIFs and other subsidies for various private purposes.

Let's do everything we can to derail the 49th Ward RIF. I'm asking for a third public meeting with enough advance notice and attendant publicity that all interested neighbors will be able to plan to attend. The previous two public meetings were very lightly attended- no more than a relative handful of attendees- because we received only a days' notice.