November 21, 2010

Blither and Blather

Do you get dizzy or confused reading the news?

Odd, now candidate Rham would use TIF dollars to hire police in one article. In another, the city council wants to provide affordable housing via TIF dollars – barring a Daley veto. Meanwhile another article reminds us that Quinn wants to raise income taxes.

Now here, in Ward 49, we’re trying to create another wheel, a RIF! What that boils down to is some of us can soon get up and go to work, see our checks chopped by Quinn then diced by Cook County then sliced again for a special assistance fund for landlords providing ‘low income housing’.

Why this select group? What is this select group going to do for the community? Screen tenants better? Enforce the rules that go with ‘affordable housing’? Are they going to live in their own buildings and keep the loiters and noisemakers at bay? Or are they just going to get their boilers and roofs fixed on the taxpayers dime?

No one is talking much about EDUCATION or CRIME. Maybe they think it will go away if we’re taxed to the hilt?

November 20, 2010

Missing Rogers Park Woman - Could Be Armed

A possibly armed woman who suffers from mental disorders has disappeared in the Rogers Park neighborhood and police are asking for help in finding her.

Police say if you encounter her, do not approach her but call 911 or Belmont Area detectives, (312) 744-8266. Click Headline for full story and description.

November 11, 2010

No CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting Tonight

Remember - there's no beat meeting for 2422 tonight.

2010 CAPS Beat 2422 Calendar-1

There will not be a November meeting. The date fell on Veterans Day and in observance of a national holiday we will not be meeting.

November 4, 2010

Shooting NOH

A neighbor near the area called last night about a shooting. A tipster sent the link - click the headline for the full story.

Thanks For the News clip!


Just after 10pm on November 3rd, 7600 block of N. Paulina, aggravated battery with a firearm. One male adult shot in the head, arm and abdomen. Male offender fled in a red or maroon older model vehicle towards triangle park. The victim was in serious condition at time of report. Police received several calls of shots fired at 5am on the 4th, police responded and were impressed by the number of callers.

According to the sergeant I spoke to, the offender walked up to the victim, fired and fled.

November 1, 2010

Celebrate All Souls Day At the Polls

The cycle of life – here’s a reminder of the traditions and religions from other cultures. Day of the Dead

Ironically, tomorrow is election day and it falls on All Souls Day! Please vote so the robo calls will cease and desist for a few days. We all know Chicago Elections are a Tradition!