October 2, 2010

Discrimination Against Taxpayers

How nice of our Uber-Liberals

The term charities can be misleading – while their services may be free or on a sliding scale, it would be interesting if the Sun-Times would post the salaries of the directors of these free-water organizations. Most make more than $70k a year. How do they come up with a salary amount like that if they can't afford water? Translated that means they make more than most middle class workers in the non-charity world. You know, the world most of us live in – the real one with taxes, deadlines and penalties.

Couldn’t some of these organizations afford to pay? If totally strapped in these rough times, couldn’t they cough up a sliding scale for the water bills? Do we also assume this included free trash pick up as well?

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

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mcl said...

It's not only H2O that the city is providing at no cost to 'select' groups. Property tax payers are also providing 'free' scavenger service to all faith-based not for profit religious groups and churches through-out the city. This would seem to be in direct violation of the Illinois State Constitution which clearly prohibits the use of 'public funds' for religious groups and/or organizations. Any wonder why the city is broke and YOUR property taxes are so high? Where is the outrage??