October 14, 2010

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting TONIGHT

Please attend the monthly CAPS Beat 2422 meeting tonight at 7 PM -

Willye White Community Center
1610 W Howard

Come and discuss your issues or come to learn how to deal with issues. It's your neighborhood and it will only take one hour of your time.


geofredo said...

Funny how quiet this blog has been.
Lately no comments and few entries.

And lately Howard has been looking worse than ever, yesterday afternoon thugs a plenty on howard and a couple newspapers worth of paper was floating in the air.

And a couple of cop cars were on the scene, atleast....

To turn howard around,
It will take some grassroots effort of some sort and some new lynchpin of the neigborhood.
Howard by the EL needs a coffeeshop. Or maybe the wisdom bridge building will be the beginning of something real change on the block.

Right now it looks like armageddon at times.

geofredo said...

I called the cops earlier today
after i saw a brown van coming fast westbound on howard in my rearview mirror while i was stopped at paulina's light.

And then the van proceeded to go into the oncoming traffic lane, run the red light and make a sharp right turn onto paulina and a silver mercedes car was in hot pursuit of this van and did the same thing. This happened about 1230 or 1pm in the afternoon.

There were bangers at howard and marshfield and some guy was just talking to someone in a car by the philly cheese place.

Basically same old Howard Chaos.
Which has been worse of late

just in case there isnt dating this was written 10/24/10.

What has happened to Howard lately?
Its been hell on earth.

Im not sure what happened to my other post but this past friday around 5pm,
newspapers everywhere on Howard and lots and lots of bangers
and cops too.

Toni said...

Geofredo - if you live in Beat 2422 you should consider coming to beat meetings and joining walks.

The blog is done on my spare time....which I've had little of lately.

Toni said...

I mentioned removing those paper dispensers to the aldermans rep at the last beat meeting. Also, several of us have noticed the Mercedes. Did you get the license #?

The new owners of Howard Philly came to the last beat meeting and are very concerned with Howard Street and the demeanor of certain 'customers'. As for the other concerns - ask the ward office on construction and/or economic development plans.

Thanks for commenting....

geofredo said...

I dont live in the beat area,
but i know people that do.

I drive down howard to make sure everything looks okay.

I live by morse,
I just think its important to make sure howard isnt too bad, I know its worse than morse, but both overall are improving.

The cops need to patrol more and be more proactive.
We cant let things fester.
Lately I would say Howard has been festering.

This am it looked so-so,
some bangers on both sides though