September 22, 2010

Shots Fired NOH

How many people in the vicinity of Paulina/Jonquil and Juneway area heard shots fired last night? It's so abnormal to be on the phone with a neighbor and be interrupted by the neighbor saying "did you hear that - sounds like gunshots".

We hung up so the neighbor could dial 911. Got an update call that several squads were in the vicinity.


Phoebe King said...

I heard the gunshots and called 911. I looked for a report in the local news today to see whether anyone was injured but haven't come across anything. I moved into this neighborhood about 6 weeks ago--this is the 3rd or 4th time I've heard gunshots. What is our alderman doing to clean up the neighborhood and make it safer?

Toni said...

A total of five 911 calls were received by the CPD. No victims were found - so either it was shooting for FUN or the victim didn't go to any hospital - which would have been reported to the police.

Uh, I have been playing email tag with the alderman as CAPS co-facilitator on certain 'issues' that relate to crime. I ran into him one evening putting up meeting flyers and we had a discussion about this and other problems. The meeting promise keeps getting pushed off and the proposed weeks of meeting have long past. My last email has yielded no response. Maybe a blog post will get one?

Bosworth said...

Phoebe King, welcome to the neighborhood. Unfortunately you have moved to a neighborhood with an alderman that does not care. If you happen to live in a rent subsidized building, or a building owned by someone that contributes to the alderman's campaign fund, you will hear from the alderman around election time. He will remind you how lucky you are to have him fighting to keep your affordable rent. After the election, don't expect to hear from him again.

geofredo said...

Its not like Alderman Schiller is the alderman though.

NOH is a different animal though.
I do expect it to continue to improve. But, it fell so far that it still has a way to go.

Really I think NOH is what dragged alot of Rogers Park down with it and South Evanston.

It was a black hole.

Now it just needs to be rebuilt and the last remaining rats nests cleared out.

Toni said...

Geofredo - Did NOH fall or was it pushed? Do you know the 40 year history of this little area being low income?

How does one clean up nests that have a long term subsidized contracts and absentee owners that don't properly screen or monitor but do collect taxpayer paid rent checks?

One starts with the managers, owners and if no response, then one goes to someone higher up - providing the concerns are heard.

So if the concerns are given lip service only what is next Geofredo?

The North Coast said...

IMO the NOH area was pushed, as were many other formerly great urban nabes nationwide, into slumhood in the 70s forward by the badly conceived and managed Section 8 program.

So many nabes in so many cities went down the same road during that period. It's striking how things worked exactly the same way in every city and neighborhood.

This program was only a prop to landlords who wanted to keep on collecting above-market rents while allowing their properties to deteriorate. A guaranteed slumlord subsidy.

We'll now spend the next 40 years picking up the pieces and rebuilding our cities, as people move back to the city and the outer suburbs become the slums of the 21st century. How much easier it is to tear something up than it is to build it.

geofredo said...

Well, to get rid of the rats nests,
you have to fine the heck out of the landlords.

The police will get sick of certain buildings, the alderman and political people can put pressure when they hear alot of crap about certain buildings.

Basically, through grass roots
zero tolerance of certain behaviors.

Where I live in Rogers Park,
there is a building across from me i used to call the roach motel.
Its much better now, I would call and call and call and then call 911 again and again and again about problem people making noise there.

THose people couldnt stand the police curtailing their godgiven right to raise hell and they either left or calmed down.

Is it paradise now? No,
but its not hell on earth either.
And its much quieter. But it took alot of effort.