September 16, 2010


The revelers and/or tourists were having a grand ole time close-by Tuesday night around midnight. It's a work night for some people and I hope most neighbors slept through it. The night voices nearly overpowered my own radio in my own home.

Finally I heard a voice on a bull horn telling everyone to GO HOME. The same noise wafted in last night. If it's rainy tonight maybe they'll STAY home?

OH and voters - make sure you understand that you can sign only one petition for a candidate seeking the same office as another. The petition requesters fail to notify people of the rule. So if you sign John Doe's petition on Monday and it's notarized and submitted into the system - it's done. If you sign a petition for Mary Smith who's a candidate for the same office on Wednesday your signature isn't valid for her. I do love the transparency in government, don't you?

Lastly, I don't need a petition requester reeking of alcohol begging me to sign the sheet if not for the candidate then sign it for him! I couldn't help but wonder if he's getting paid per name......


Bosworth said...

What a coincidence. A young man is attacked and robbed at Ashland & Juneway Terrace the other day. His personal items and an iPod are taken from him based on the article in the Sun Times.
Today a few blocks away from there at the northeast corner of Greenview and Birchwood, 2 wanna be teen thugs flash an iPod my way and ask me if I want to buy it from them.
This corner/building was brought up at a CAPS meeting a few months ago as becoming a problem.
We were told then the absentee landlord was in foreclosure on this building, and renting to anyone that comes along for the rent money.
I guess the good residents of this area have to suffer because of the greed of a few.

geofredo said...

You called this in to police