September 9, 2010

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting TONIGHT


Gateway Senior Building
7450 N Rogers

7:00 PM

We are scheduled to have a guest speaker from the CHA unit that handles scattered site housing. However, they will work with neighbors and their CHAC counterparts on problem section 8 properties near scattered site housing.


Kheris said...

I understand there will be a meeting with the head of Sec 8 voucher program about the building at 2000 W Birchwood, Sept 22 @ 10 AM. Location was not given, but rumor is that it will be at the Alderman's office.

Toni said...

If these meetings were a little more PUBLIC perhaps the owners/managers would shape up faster.

After all, reputations are at stake - especially when it comes to getting that taxpayer paid rent check.