September 24, 2010

Rogers Park Garden Group 2010 Fundraiser

Many of us have plants from this wonderful fundraiser in our gardens. Many unattractive corners and spaces have been transformed into eye-catching sights thanks to the financial grants of the Rogers Park Garden Group.

If you’ve never stopped by before this event is a must attend!


Click the headline for their website!

September 22, 2010

Shots Fired NOH

How many people in the vicinity of Paulina/Jonquil and Juneway area heard shots fired last night? It's so abnormal to be on the phone with a neighbor and be interrupted by the neighbor saying "did you hear that - sounds like gunshots".

We hung up so the neighbor could dial 911. Got an update call that several squads were in the vicinity.

September 16, 2010


The revelers and/or tourists were having a grand ole time close-by Tuesday night around midnight. It's a work night for some people and I hope most neighbors slept through it. The night voices nearly overpowered my own radio in my own home.

Finally I heard a voice on a bull horn telling everyone to GO HOME. The same noise wafted in last night. If it's rainy tonight maybe they'll STAY home?

OH and voters - make sure you understand that you can sign only one petition for a candidate seeking the same office as another. The petition requesters fail to notify people of the rule. So if you sign John Doe's petition on Monday and it's notarized and submitted into the system - it's done. If you sign a petition for Mary Smith who's a candidate for the same office on Wednesday your signature isn't valid for her. I do love the transparency in government, don't you?

Lastly, I don't need a petition requester reeking of alcohol begging me to sign the sheet if not for the candidate then sign it for him! I couldn't help but wonder if he's getting paid per name......

September 12, 2010

Get That Receiver Soon

The other night I was asked why 24/7 wasn’t updated more often. Well, it is summertime for starters and it’s always healthy to find new interests since nothing seems to change much North of Howard. For more than five years I’ve posted photos of mismanaged buildings, reported gunshots fired, dealers in doorways, hookers on Howard, gambling in the public way and still, not much has changed.

7712 N Ashland had the front gate closed and locked Friday night – but still no locks on the front door. According to two sources, one new owner has been working on the back door to keep the squatters out – and hopefully soon the front door?

9/3/2010 - No Locks 9/3/2010 - No Locks

There have been complaints of people loitering, dealing and making a lot of noise at a certain corner. When I asked for a specific building I was given a well-known address. 7700-06 N Marshfield.

7700-06 N Marshfield

Not much has changed at this property. The gates and doors are unsecured just as they were when I was invited to visit years ago. Hopefully the hallways are cleaner.

On one Friday walk, we noticed the door on this property. On Friday’s walk we checked on it. It has been repaired but was not locked as was the other entry door on the north. The interior doors were unlocked allowing anyone to walk right into the place.

1722-24 Juneway Replaced door at 1722-24 Juneway 1722-24 Juneway No security - 1722-24 Juneway Replaced exterior door with Interior knob..

Note: The interior door knob on an exterior door! Maybe that’s all that was in the handyman’s inventory.

1722-24 Juneway

However, in all fairness and since it’s public knowledge if one knows where to look, it may as well be shared.

There may be some change underway

Ashland/Juneway Howard Theatre Building

September 10, 2010

Neighborhood Walk Tonight

Meet up at 7:00 PM at 1610 W. Howard, Willye White Community Center.

September 9, 2010

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting TONIGHT


Gateway Senior Building
7450 N Rogers

7:00 PM

We are scheduled to have a guest speaker from the CHA unit that handles scattered site housing. However, they will work with neighbors and their CHAC counterparts on problem section 8 properties near scattered site housing.