August 23, 2010

Woman Shot on Paulina

There were shots fired on the 7700 block of Paulina in the early morning hours. A neighbor called later in the morning to report crime scene detectives around Paulina/Jonquil. A female on a bicycle was taken to the hospital. Click the headline for the small blurb that did make the Sun-Times

I took the long way to the el this morning but the detectives were gone. One woman exiting a building on the corner said she heard 5 shots around 3 am. Another person told me the incident was around 4 am further north on Paulina.

At any rate, shots were fired again in our neighborhood and this time a person was hit.


The North Coast said...

This is absolutely unspeakable. This woman sounds like some innocent Good Citizen type, which most of the people in this area are. I'm afraid to find out who she is.

This is really, really upsetting.

NOW do all the members of the "Just Let'm Kill Each Other" Club realize why it is absolutely crucial to prosecute every shooting to the extent of the law no matter how criminal and disreputable the victim may be? Our judges are putting known killers back out on the streets to kill again, because their previous victims were other thugs, and it's only a matter of time before they claim more victims, who might be innocent bystanders.

The linked article does not say who the woman was and I am very, very fearful that it may be someone you and I know, a good citizen and total innocent.

May the Gods grant she heals, and may her shooter be apprehended very soon and sent up for a long, long time.

Let's all start keeping track of the judges in the criminal courts, and who metes out what kind of sentence, if any, so we can make informed choices on these people when we vote. Our judges are putting known killers back out on the streets with little or no time served. They are enabling the horrific violence this city is experiencing, and we need to replace them all.

Toni said...

Well, North Coast - the victim has been released from the hospital and according to sources - she refused to cooperate with the police in naming/finding her assailant(s).

So the shooter(s)may not be apprehended thanks to the code of silence.

The North Coast said...

This is sickening, Toni.

Why would this woman not co-operate, I wonder? Is she "in on it", one of the bad elements we need to root out of this area? Sounds like she's a big part of the problems we're having around here.
Or is she just afraid of retaliation?

I've heard that one of the many obstacles to prosecuting gang crime is that we have no local Witness Protection program. The Federal Witness Protection program is only for federal crimes. Witnesses are stone terrified of violent retaliation. Gangbangers tend to deal swiftly and brutally with "disloyalty".

PhoebeK10 said...

I live within spitting distance of where the shooting occurred. The gunshots woke me up at about 4 am. Most people are asleep at that time.

According to other people in the neighborhood, the woman was shot four times and was taken to St. Francis hospital in Evanston. She checked herself out of the hospital against medical advice with two bullets still in her.

People have speculated she was in the neighborhood at 4 am to purchase crack cocaine. This blog post is the first I've heard about her being on a bike. I'd be interested in getting more updates about her condition and whether the CPD has made any progress in arresting a suspect.