August 8, 2010

Wild Night On Howard Street

After ten or more minutes of what seemed like non-stop sirens, I looked out and saw blue lights on Howard. Undercovers, squads, ambulances, and police were everywhere and yes, the crowd was spitting nasty.

Saturday Night On Howard Street

One male told me 'a girl got beat up and the cops came and beat the shit outta everybody'. Yeah right kid. There's always that slant when the police have to show up in large numbers. But then in certain minds, beating a woman is acceptable behavior.

People complain that the police don't make arrests on the spot for even minor infractions of the rules. The police say their hands are tied thanks to the bleedin' heart liberals amending the laws, yet the trouble makers on the street claim brutality. One officers response was "yeah right, how about they were beating the shit out of my officers?"

As one ambulance tried to leave Howard and turn on Ashland, members of the crowd decided to amble across Ashland as slowly as possible. The ambulance honked at them to move and they turned and yelled the phrase we hear 24/7 "f*ck you assholes".

I considered dialing the alderman's number so he could come clean up the graffiti but decided against it. He and David Orr and their followers made this mess but they're neither brave nor bold enough to admit it. Isn't that one step to solving a problem? Admitting there is a problem?


geofredo said...

in uptown there is an internet presence.
what happened to rp?

i guess this is too routine.
i guess there are also alot of soreheads over there

sour grapes and passive aggressiveness wont win the day

Bosworth said...

I just read on another blog about a Chicago Police Department Mobile Strike Force. Apparently this group 'invades' a neighborhood in force and addresses all unlawful activities.

Maybe we can get that NOH?

Toni said...

geofredo - good for uptown. Schiller isn't running again!

Maybe RP'ers are afraid if they complain the building inspectors will get an anonymous call. Or maybe they're afraid of the problem people.

By sitting inside doing nothing, saying nothing, they've become part of the problem too.