August 10, 2010

Abandoned Buildings & Illegal Parties

Illegal Parties

Illegal parties are taking place within your
community and are causing disturbances
and dangerous situations. Please be aware
of the possible indicators of an illegal party
taking place within your community.

• Occurring in a vacant or abandoned building
• Charging admission
• Sale of alcohol without a license
• Curfew violators
• Overcrowding
• Excessive noise
• Drinking on the Public Way
• Fights and other disturbances
Call 911 when you suspect an illegal party is
occurring. You can also TXT2TIP the police if
you receive information that an illegal party is
going to occur at 274637 (CRIMES) or call
your local district community policing office.

“Safe Neighborhoods are Everyone’s Business”

Oddly, the above press release from the 24th District came out just after another episode at 7712 N Ashland. A big party was going on in the place and spilling onto the parkway. This building was finally put into troubled buildings in January. It's been foreclosed upon, there have been auctions, a 30 day notice to vacate was sent on June 6, 2010. There was a court date with the next follow up in January 2011!!!

There are two real estate lock boxes on the fence. One neighbor who was interested went to see the place and learned that one floor had allegedly been sold. So perhaps the alderman's office can finally get this story sorted out. To date the myriad emails I've been copied on seem to argue with the neighbors who have to deal with this mess instead of helping them. The ward office needs to ensure that the place is secured and kept that way. Someone put a padlock on the front door and since photos don't lie - the whole door knob has been removed.

Dump it in the parkway 7712 N Ashland Punks removed the doorknob

Neighbors, keep your eyes open for the signs and symptoms of squatters, burglars and the illegal parties. Apparently the powers that be feel that they'll get to heaven by enabling poverty and anti-social behavior. Meanwhile, we get hit in the pocket multiple times - taxes to pay for others rent, the police and fire departments, our city council and their follies and the greater scheme countrywide. By the time all is said and done maybe we'll have a buck or two for ourselves. There should be a more earthbound solution.

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Bosworth said...

I have been attending CAPS meetings for a number of years. For at least the past 2 years this address has been discussed as a problem. Is anyone ever going to do anything about it?

I thought a foreclosed building had to be secured? Why doesn't the aldermans office follow up on these things? Don't they have someone on staff that is supposed to look into this sort of thing?

Why do we keep talking about the same problems year after year in this ward?