May 6, 2010

Police Roll Call on Howard Street

In response to the gunfire lately and to last night’s shooting incident, the police held roll call tonight on Howard Street. Thanks to the alderman and neighbors who were able to attend on a few hours notice. It was a tad chilly - but we're tough, right? And we're tired of hearing gunshots right? Have we had enough?

3 Howard Street - Police Roll Call 7 pm 1 Howard Street - Police Roll Call 7 pm

What would an event be without the Bojo Brothers? They're standing at attention too.

The BoJo Boys at attention!

The next CAPS Beat meeting is Thursday, May 13 at 7:00 PM at 7450 N. Rogers, Gateway Senior Residence in the community room. Please attend - it's just an hour of your time but an hour that might help improve the neighborhood.

And to everyone’s surprise, the demolition of an eyesore on Howard.

One Eyesore - going, going -soon to be gone

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