May 20, 2010

NOH Walks and Neighborhood Nights

For those who want to do their civic duty but don't care to walk - please help with Neighborhood Nights in conjunction with Walks. The non-walkers can play board games with the kids outside at Willye White Community Center while the other neighbors walk. We can use tables and chairs from the facility. The chess club also meets on Friday evenings, maybe they'll join us.

Two neighbors have offered to volunteer on the games - please contact me so we can do our first event tomorrow, Friday, May 21 at 7:00 PM. Meet up at 1610 West Howard.


Toni said...

contact me at:

Bosworth said...

it was a nice welcome surprise to have the police officers walk with us around the neighborhood.

Maybe some day we can have the Alderman or someone from his office do the same? They could then see first hand what goes on in this ward.