May 5, 2010

Male Shot NOH

Shortly after the Wisdom Bridge meeting adjourned there was more gunfire tonight. This time a male was hit in the ankle or leg behind the facility. The whole area was closed and had yellow crime tape around it. I left the alderman a message that yet another gunslinging episode happened shortly after he left.

Two neighbors reported hearing gunshots early this morning - so there is something ugly going on in the neighborhood.

This is not 'occasional violence'.


Bill Morton said...

I did notice that the entire time when Alderman Joe Moore was attending the meeting, a police car was staked out in front on Ashland.

I, Kelley said...

That was crazy - I just happened to be walking down Howard toward Sheridan (at the Howard/Ashland intersection) when it happened!

Toni said...

I, Kelley - did you see or hear anything or just the blue lights? If you did, you should contact the 24th -

Toni said...

Bill - There is a car on Ashland or Howard quite frequently - especially if there is an event in the facility. Remember, we had police around during the basketball tournaments several times.