May 5, 2010

Kitten Tossed Like Trash

A neighbor called about 7:00 this morning apologizing for the early hour but wanted to know if I had any cat food. He said he was walking his dog and a woman passed him, reached into her purse and tossed this kitten behind a wrought iron fence. He hoped the smell of cat food would lure her close enough to grab.

She's a curious baby Little girl is 6-8 weeks old Orphan Kitten Tossed from evil woman's purse

By the time I grabbed a can of soft food, tied my shoes and ran around the corner, there he was with a jealous dog and this little girl in his arm. It’s been a traumatic morning for little orphan. She was tossed away like trash, rescued by a man with a dog, transferred to me for a bus ride to the vet. Dr. Hauk at Broadway Animal Hospital was great and so was the staff. He asked where this happened and he knew the intersection of Howard/Rogers and Greenview. He suggested the name SoHo since it was South of Howard!

She tested negative for HIV/Feline Leukemia, is flea and ear mite free and is now sleeping. After such an experience for one kitten, one dog and two humans, maybe we can re-think the need for businesses on Howard. We need a good vet in walking distance for our pets and for outrageous emergencies like this.

Thank you neighbor for being a caring person. God only knows what would have happened to this baby if you hadn’t been at the right place at the right time.


geofredo said...

Very Cute kitty,
thats a keeper
My mom rescued a kitty
from a throng of kids
on the south side who were
about to put it in a backpack and smash the poor thing to bits.

Some people are so lazy
they cant even drop off the kitty to the proper authorities

Michael J. Harrington said...

Jeez, tossed like trash. That's some brutal behavior. It makes one wonder what other morals/values that woman is missing.

Fargo said...

I'm glad you were able to rescue her.

FYI - I like Howard St. Animal Hospital. They have always been very professional and compassionate with my kitties.

Toni said...

I've heard great comments about Howard St. Animal Hospital. However, I called a few years ago and was told they weren't accepting new clients. A friend recommended Dr. Kas and I've been taking the kids there. They're open early, and are also very sensitive when there's a terminally ill pet. And, as yesterday, joyful at a new beginning.