May 16, 2010

Hooligans Tear Down Fence

Late Thursday night, a group of 12-15 males were out and about with nothing positive to do. So after playing fisticuff for awhile they decided to do a little property damage. Pushing back and forth on a fence, they finally tore a section apart. Realizing their little game had resulted in damage, one crawled inside, propped up the fence and exited through the owners front gate. The two comrades buzzing back and forth on bicycles were keeping a protective eye out for the police (who were called before the incident).

So the owner is replacing the fence at a ballpark figure of about $500 not counting his time. Had the broken fence collapsed on a pedestrian someone would have tried to sue. So the man had no choice but to tear down and replace. After all, the Crusaders only show up to protect the perps - the hell with the good neighbors who want and deserve a safe, quiet neighborhood.

Then there's the woman who allows the kids to hang out of screenless windows yelling down at their friends. Last night the F word was resonating on the crisp night air. If mom or guardian is talking to the kids that way, is there any doubt why the kids have an attitude?

Real nice neighbors we have.

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