May 1, 2010

Gunslingers on Howard

Before Sandy’s at the corner of Howard/Bosworth opened this morning, the gunslingers shot out a store window and one or more vehicle windows parked across the street on Howard. There was glass in the street in front of the Caribbean American Bakery.

Shattered vehicle glass from gunshots Shattered vehicle glass from gunshots

Sandy's boarded up window from gunshots Beautiful Howard Street - NOT 1619 W Howard - drink and drop The Lovely Gateway Mall lower entrance
The walk up and down Howard to the mall is not a scenic route is it?

Perhaps instead of promoting the same old developers and ill-thought out social experiments, the man who calls this his ward should do some serious thinking. It's almost an election year – the least he could do is clean up North of Howard. It's time for a SLUMLORD SUMMIT. If any of the innocents get hit by these gun toting idiots, it’s on his hands and a few others who do NOT LIVE HERE. Is that what it will take? Another gunshot victim?


Bosworth said...

Dear Mr Alderman, I called your office on April 13, 2010 to express my concern about the 2 shootings the previous day on Bosworth. You may recall, both shootings were in the vicinity of 7618-28 N Bosworth. One of the shootings was in the morning, while children were going to school and people were going to work. Both shootings involved property being shot up and a neighbor ended up with a bullet lodged in her wall after it came through her window.
Now here it is, a few weeks later Mr Alderman, and we have had another shooting during the day at the corner of Bosworth and Howard. Once again, property damage to cars and businesses. Once again we are lucky the bullets did not hit a person.
When I called your office on April 13, 2010, I left my name and my telephone number. I was assured by your staff member I would hear from you about this.
I am still waiting Mr Alderman. I have not heard a word from you or your staff. I believe you or your staff members read the blogs. Maybe you would like to reply in this forum?
Please tell me what is being done to protect us in this neighborhood Mr Alderman. And please don't tell me it's my duty to get involved. I am involved. I am a property owner. I call 911. I am part of a telephone tree. I attend CAPS meetings monthly. I participate in the neighborhood walks. That is not fixing the problem. We need more.
What are you doing to fix this problem Mr Alderman?

LBiggie said...

Guess you are not from Chicago. The area looks about 100000 times better than it did in the 1980s.

Complaining about the restaurants, dollar stores and cellphone outlets, the broken glass, graffiti and dilapidated buildings is not going to get other establishments into Howard. The stores that are there represent real entrepreneurs, who, despite the extreme limitations placed upon people of color trying to get a loan in this city managed to establish sound credit and a business plan to provide products people really need. If you don't like them or the people who frequent and support their businesses, please move. I'm sure someone who appreciates the neighborhood could really use an affordable apartment in these trying times.

If you want to engage in some real activism, how about addressing the need to ensure nutritious food is delivered in our community EVERYDAY rather than focusing on the occasional act of violence that erupts.

The North Coast said...

So Joe Moore affects an interest in environmental issues, maybe he ought to address one of Roger's Parks most serious environmental issues, namely the blighted condition of Howard Street and the number of bullets flying around there.

As usual, this guy is more interested in the trendy issue-de-jour and "feel goods" than he is in settling down to work in earnest to correct a single real problem, such as the crime, violence, and blight in this troubled pocket of Rogers Park.

geofredo said...

Its funny, the creeps are hurting their very own ghetto hang out businesses. (sandys)

Yeah, the slumlords should be made to live in there own buildings.

Things would then change real fast.

mcl said...

LBiggie said...Guess you are not from Chicago. The area looks about 100000 times better than it did in the 1980s.

With all due respect LBiggie but it's you who must not be from Chicago, certainly not the Howard Street area. If you were you would know that Howard Street of the 1980s, while a little 'ragged' around the edges, was thriving with literally no vacant storefronts. It was during the late 80's and into the 1990's that the 'viable' retail merchants began to close up and leave Howard Street. This was due to the loss of an economic base as the housing NoH was more and more turned into subsidized rentals. Today, approximately 50% of the housing NoH is rental and most of that is subsidized. In fact, over 42% of the households NoH live at or below the poverty level. Hence, no economic base, no viable retail on Howard, particularly East of the El tracks. As I (and others) have said many times, "It's not rocket science!"

Toni said...

"If you want to engage in some real activism, how about addressing the need to ensure nutritious food is delivered in our community EVERYDAY rather than focusing on the occasional act of violence that erupts."

LBiggie - Free food is handed out here or don't you know the hood? Junk food is hardly nutritious but everyone seems to have money for that. If you'd like to make it your crusade, please do so. Having gunshots shattering residence windows and vehicles multiple times within a two-three week span is hardly what is considered 'occasional'.

Perhaps that's why this area, Beat 2422, has the highest crime rate in the 24th District.

Michael J. Harrington said...

Thanx Toni. Also, thanx to MCL for sharing an accurate historical perspective on Howard Street. The other comments, and especially the one about "occasional violence," sound more like an apology for the status quo. We've got to keep working on making change happen.