April 13, 2010

Silver Car Owners - Beware

This morning one of the three neighbors who contacted me about the John Wayne shootout yesterday called. More shots were heard around 1:15 this morning shortly after everyone went to sleep after the unnerving event yesterday. The neighbor reported another silver car had the window shot out in the latest aftermath.

A dumbfounded young man was standing in the street looking at his vehicle. I walked over to him on my way to work and told him what transpired yesterday. We looked a little closer and there was a bullet hole in the rubber seal around the drivers window that lay shattered in the seat and on the pavement. The police had left a report in the seat.

Shoot ANY silver car - eventually you'll get the right one GEDC0010 shattered drivers window GEDC0011 bullet hole in window seam GEDC0011 Police left report in car

As the victim told me, he lives on another street and only parked here because he couldn’t find a parking space last night. So he gets to pay for the repair and may get a hike in his insurance premium thanks to the cowboys just because his car was silver. We have some serious issues going on.


Moonglum said...

You think this was really because the car was silver and not that the car was just an "innocent bystander"? Silver is the most popular car color in the US, seems an odd color to hold a grudge against.

Toni said...

The one car that was hit several times yesterday was silver. But this is North of Howard and anything goes, even in the 21st Century.

WillZ203 said...

My car was hit last night or early this morning (04-21-10). It was parked outside Renaissance lofts on Howard. My car is Silver.