April 12, 2010

Shots Fired NOH - Again

People were outside arguing and yelling on the sidewalk and inner courtyard of 7628 N Bosworth while the janitor was cleaning outside. It was between 8:00 and 8:30 this morning.

A nearby neighbor heard gunshots, looked out the window, and saw people scattering. Two cars sped away in each direction before the police arrived. One parked car took a few stray bullets. Another neighbor was up and saw a big gouge in the wall. After following the mark on the wall, the neighbor noticed a stray bullet had come through the dining room window, gouged the wall and found it on the floor. I wonder how the politico’s and the enablers would like finding a spent bullet on their floor? What if the neighbor had been walking past the window in that split second?

What if someone had been in this car?

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At that hour in the morning children are going to school, people are going to work and we have the anti-socials playing John Wayne.

While some may blame it on warmer weather – many of us know the underlying issues behind these events. Instead of free fiber optics on the menu money ballot for this area, maybe the NOH representative(s) should have asked for more police.

You may contact your alderman at: WARD49@CITYOFCHICAGO.ORG or AldMoore@aol.com


Toni said...

One of the three neighbors who contacted me yesterday called this morning to report gunshots were heard around 1:15 AM. Another silver car has bullet holes in the windows now.

Retribution is putting innocent people in danger. It's too bad these gunslingers can't go to Afghanistan.

Bosworth said...

Hmmmm.....isn't it almost time for someone to run for re-election? We'll get a response then. Until then, stay away from your windows, and don't venture outside. It's not safe.