April 6, 2010

Another Fire At Northpoint

There was a fire this morning around 9:00 am in one of the Northpoint buildings facing the cul-de-sac in the 7600 block of Ashland. Years ago, during the rehabbing of the 12 subsidized buildings, there was a fire in the same courtyard in one of the east buildings.

Today’s fire allegedly was deliberately set by a non-tenant who lived off and on with the leaseholder. The non-tenant, according to neighbors, suffers from mental disorders and when off her medication has angry outbursts. Tonight several tenants are without homes due to smoke and water damage, it is not known if there were any injuries.

IMG_0008 IMG_0009_2

One tenant who works the night shift was asleep when the fire broke out. All tenants in and near the building were evacuated while the firemen extinguished the blaze. The person who set this fire needs help as do those who may have lost everything. They're all victims of a set of rules that don't work and aren't enforced by the agencies who put them in place.

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UPDATE: Thanks to info from the 24th - there was only smoke and water damage to the other apartments in the building - no displacements with the exception of the unit where the fire was. The non-tenant was taken by the police to Lakeshore Hospital for treatment and evaluation. She made verbal threats to damage Northpoint over eviction procedures even though she is not the leaseholder. The address is 7639 N Ashland.

Photos by Tim Jackson


The North Coast said...

People in the building will be needing emergency supplies of food, bedding, housewares, and clothing, and, of course, money to procure those things. Is there a place to drop off items and/or money a person might want to contribute?

Toni said...

According to Officer McKenna at last week's CAPS meeting the unit where the fire was set had the damage. There was some smoke and water damage to the other units but no displacements.

Howard Area Center may be the best contact for these kinds of queries.