March 29, 2010

Your Opinion on Neighborhood Nights?

I received the following email recently. So I will ask for readers opinion:

Last summer, the 1100 block of Thorndale in Edgewater became a site of great community building through an effort called Neighborhood Nights. You may have read about it in Time Out Chicago Magazine or in The Chicago Tribune

I was hoping you could share your advice as we prepare to organize Neighborhood Nights for 2010.

Do you think Neighborhood Nights should take place on Howard?

Perhaps this is also a question your readers could share thoughts on as well.

I appreciate your advice.


Dan Kleinman
President & Organizer

"We are all the community."


Breanna said...

I think it would be great to have more neighborhood events around Howard. I just moved to the neighborhood in the last year and am always looking for opportunities to meet people in the neighborhood.

The North Coast said...

I love the neighborhood nights and believe we need more of them in all our neighborhoods. These events are just a way to reclaim our streets from undesirable elements, but also a way for neighbors to get to know each other and enjoy an evening of neighborly socializing.