March 6, 2010

Cook County Stupid Water - Beware!

Here’s another great example of our governing bodies ineptitude. Please fire all employees who partook of the Stupid Water. There seems to be a pattern of forgetfulness from code violations to ‘omitted’ or LOST and NOT FILED property taxes coming back to bite taxpayers and property owners. A prime example of milking the cow twice.

Read this Crock on Omitted Property Taxes from Lake Effect News.

Why isn’t there an investigation or audit on the Cook County Treasurer and Assessor, the Building Department, the and oh yes, the legal counsels of the city who forget or fail to post their vital information a timely manner? Suddenly in hard economic times, every department is scrambling to produce revenue and there seems to be no regulation on how it is done; who the real culprit is, and heaven forbid, an admittance of wrongdoing and a pass on collecting their own mistakes.

But the property owner can take his/her FREE time, look up their information online then spend more FREE time and probably money, to ensure their evaluation has been properly filed and recorded. So what are we paying taxes and fees for and to whom?

The government employees cash their paychecks though don’t they? Maybe their budgets should be chopped to cover their mistakes, inept public servants should be fired or wages garnished to make up the shortfall.

“State statute allows assessing bodies to recover taxes that were missed or omitted, regardless of whether the assessor failed to assess the property correctly — at no fault of the taxpayer.”

At least the sun is out today!

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The North Coast said...

It's no surprise that the very authorities who regulate MY industry and assign to me, as a licensed principal, personal and financial liability for any mistakes, omissions, or offenses that I, my firm, or people under my supervision may make, are not accountable for their own malfeasance and incompetence.

If licensed professionals in the private sector can lose their licenses and get their pay garnished for the rest of their lives to make restitution to aggrieved customers, and pay draconian fines, then why are not our government officials and regulators also liable for their failures?