February 9, 2010

The Snow Dance

The snow shovels were dancing in the foyer when I went downstairs this morning. So I grabbed one and went for a waltz on the porch, the steps, the walkway and finally on the sidewalk

My second shoveling for 2.9.10 Come on up

We did a repeat performance tonight before the accumulation got packed down. The brick path through the front yard can wait for another time. Mother Earth is capturing the flakes, molding them as a blanket for the flowers sleeping beneath.

Streetscape from the sidewalk Buried garden path

The snow pile grew a few inches after the second round! Why take a photo? Why not? It’s a moment in time to compare with another in June when the hostas, ferns, geraniums and lilies salute summer.

My Snow Pile I My Snow Pile II

Of course, my neighbor was on his third dance with the snow. His main snow pile is in the back yard but here’s the front snow pile. Sorry Mr. P…it doesn’t compare to my mountain!

Neighbors Snow Pile

Here are some little things we seldom notice until we must stop and experience nature in her splendor.

Neighbors mailbox Fence Leetle Beety Evergreen

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Toni said...

Shoveled again at 11 PM last night and again this morning. While light to push and shovel, it's snow that drifts easily. But it is February.