February 3, 2010

Machine Hacks vs The Human Connection

Factors in yesterdays dismal voter turnout pale in comparison to the tax dollars spent to hold this early election. Some election judges were embarassing and a whole lot more. Post from Lake Effect News.

24/7 heard and experienced first hand that some voters were asked for an ID as proof of residence. It should be uniform but it isn’t. It was ironic when I gave the judge my name and her response ‘I remember you’! It was funny when others at her table asked if I was going to watch polls. So if the judge remembered me, her co-workers for the day knew me, why the drama of asking for an ID? That's what the book is for isn't it? So we’ll wait and see if Mr. Fagus responds to my email about this.

One of the upshots from yesterday: Will Toddler try to veto the election?

On a bittersweet note – one candidate I met at the Howard El won my vote. While this candidate did not win yesterday he is a winner. He personally called voters and listened to their concerns; knocked on doors North of Howard and left messages yesterday for anyone he thought may need a ride to the polls. He put the real human touch into his campaign – not an automated message from some incumbent pushing the machine plow. That is the difference between grassroots and machine hacks – the human connection.

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