February 15, 2010

Circus of Greed

If this Circus of Greed wasn’t costing us money it would almost be amusing. Bring on the popcorn and peanuts. Here we have the alleged cream of the political and educational crop raising red flags, being investigated - yet who pays for it? Put this scenario into an online game and we could enjoy and participate – but as it is, We Pay for Principal Perks …article from Sun-Times.

Just last week, Mr. Reverend - Senator Meeks did the work for the political whiners to banish Local School Councils to hopefully keep the taxpayers unaware of their sneaky little games. The comment section is full of rebuttals to Meeks proposal!

If the day ever comes when taxpayers and voters are given the respect deserved – we won’t need Reverends playing second fiddle and message person for Huberman types and whiners to cover their back sides. In fact, if it gets done right, we won’t have any Reverend Senators – it’s known as Separation of Church and State. Make the choice Mr. Meeks, et all like you, it has to be one or the other title but not both.

Blog Note: Years ago, Whitney-Young (a magnet school) sent my eighth grader a letter of acceptance. That was fine except the letter was mailed before the citywide deadline. ALL letters of acceptance were to be mailed after the deadline. So this is nothing new.

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