February 1, 2010

Be Heard - Go Vote Tomorrow

After listening to all six phone messages left during the day – here are the options you have tomorrow. I hope the winners call me again when it’s all over. After all, if my vote is important – my voice is even more important. So is yours. So get out and vote and then we’ll make some music or noise -

Chicago Tribune Endorsements and the Sun-Times Endorsements

If you choose incumbents…well, c’est la vie. If you choose new faces and ideas, kudos to you.


Jillian said...

You forgot the 49th Ward Dems' endorsements. Joe Moore's is the only truth that counts. Not some salicious blogger's! LOL.

The North Coast said...

Well, it's an exceptionally mild February day, so we will see if turnout improves. I would think that the most recent tax bills would be enough to motivate even the most apathetic even were it 10 below zero outside.

Friend of mine in Hoffman Estates got a tax bill for $8500 for his $240K crudbox. He had no problem affording the fixed mortgage on this place five years ago. But this latest doubling of his taxes might force him to sell.

Meanwhile, a landlord with properties in Englewood and Garfield Park is telling me that tax bills of $4000 or more for tiny SF houses that might sell for $35K today, are common.

Too bad that this is what it takes to get the lazy, apathetic, entertainment-addled denizens of Crook County out the door to vote.

Toni said...

Jillian - Well, since the alderman just could NOT do his email blast about his BLOG with the grace and polish one expects of an elected official, I stuck with the Trib and the Sun Times. His snarky intro about bloggers was childish at best and it showed - big time.

I suppose if an elected official can ignore certain constituents, keep a 'file' on certain bloggers then I owe nothing but my taxes as a contribution to this behavior!

So be it.