January 22, 2010

Where's Toni Preckwinkle?

Even though endorsed by the 49th Ward for Cook County President, I have yet to see one sign for Toni Preckwinkle have you? Hopefully the weather will allow a walk outside this area where real free thinkers may have placed an endorsed candidate sign.

But the windows of desolate Howard are filled with signs for Dorothy Brown. This ensures a name recognition vote for Brown from dead trees by some voters. Then there will be the Stroger clingers on who will give him a pity vote.

But this is North of Howard and anything goes. Surely our leaders could get out the voter knowledge for Ms. Preckwinkle if they’ve endorsed her. Otherwise, Brown's employee who diligently campaigns for her is doing a better job of promoting her than the local party is doing for their endorsed candidate.

AND, you can bet the farm that he’ll be doing his usual illegal activities within 50 feet of the polling place on election day.


Missy Eastlake said...

Hi Toni,

In the last day or so I've seen lots of Preckwinkle signs along Sheridan Rd. There is also on the southeast corner of Sheridan and Rogers.

I think her $$$ is just catching up with the race--this morning she was declared the frontrunner by the Tribune.

I am feeling very hopeful!

Toni said...

Her $$$? I thought the whole 'party' organization would have been out there a long time ago. Early voting will be over on the 28th.

Thank you for the update. I noticed many of the Brown signs were missing tonight.

Fargo said...

I haven't seen many Preckwinkle signs either. Curious about the election results....