January 19, 2010

Toddler's Strange Family Tree

County Board President Todd Stroger defended his hiring record, saying that he has “never” hired friends or family.

And while he asserted that troubled steakhouse busboy Tony Cole was qualified for his job at the county, Stroger said it was unfair to judge all county hiring by individual.

“He is not the whole county,” said Stroger. “This one person has become the poster child for the county.” Read entire story on Clout Street

*Uh Toddler, who is Donna Dunnings, remember her? What is your relationship to Donna Dunnings?

Hint: "Stroger also gained notoriety when he fired his cousin, former Chief Financial Officer Donna Dunnings, over the hiring and firing of a former steakhouse busboy who was paid $61,000 a year."

A Cousin? Duh. Toddler, please define family for us.

And there are people who will religiously vote for him again. That’s the frightening part.

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Fargo said...

There was enough b.s. spewed during that Chicago Tonight candidates panel to fertilize a whole farm, much of it from the Toddler and Brown. O'Brien contributed his share.

I thought Preckwinkle handled herself very well. She certainly made the best impression of the bunch.