January 16, 2010

RPGG Gardening Grant Proposals

Call for Gardening Grant Proposals – Adopt the Public Way


The Rogers Park Garden Group (RPGG) is delighted to make available a limited number of public gardening grants up to $1000 for the improvement of spaces in our neighborhood’s public way. From Juneway Terrace on the north, south to Devon Ave. and from the lake west to Ridge Avenue, spaces in the public way such as parkways, parks, playlots, sidewalk gardens, building frontage potentially qualify. In addition to funding, the RPGG can also make available garden advice and resources. Fill out and submit a grant application for your area. The deadline for applications is February 15.

In 2009, the RPGG awarded 17 grants to individuals, schools, houses of worship, organizations, and businesses for public way projects. A presentation on the projects can be seen in this link.

Adopt the Public Way is made possible by the generous contributions of the Rogers Park Garden Group members, donors, and sponsors, and by the proceeds from our Spring and Fall sales.

For more information, visit RPGG or email rpgardengroup@comcast.net.

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