January 13, 2010

Our Own Piece of Ponzi

It may look worse in Englewood – but we don’t live there. This is Rogers Park – home of progressivism right? Again, progressive is supposed to be the opposite of regressive unless they changed the meaning and forgot to alert us.

Thankfully, Sandy Goldman shared the glory of Howard Street in this essay otherwise, these haunting images would be our only knowledge of the street.

Vacant for yearsBlight Burned Out and Boarded Up - Robert Coe

One Year Ago….Just Look At The Progress!

Going west toward the Howard el are more haunting windows…all empty.

Always For RentTwo vacants in a row

Until we reach Our Own Piece of Ponzi

The Lerner Property

In the summer of 2009, Eva contacted the ward office about the tires on the old Lerner property that moved mysteriously to the Wisdom Bridge property. She was told by Wayne Frazier that he didn’t think John Terzakis owned the property any longer. He was allegedly supposed to look it up and get back to her but like so many things here in 49, it just didn’t materialize.

PIN 11-30-405-009

Not much has changed since 2007 or since 2002 – the beginning of my tenure watching this street.

1 comment:

Bill Morton said...

Good thing those tires were removed and properly disposed of last Summer.

Tires stacked along the side of a building are a fire hazard!