January 24, 2010

Oh Mighty Mirror

Mom painted the bathroom last summer and put this thing in the hall. At first glance I thought she’d betrayed me and sneaked another cat up here. I bristled up and circled around the intruder. She explained what it was and has kindly left it for me to gaze into! I stop several times a day and admire my handsome self. Oh mirror – my window to my soul!

Who is the handsomest of all?


The North Coast said...

Toni, you LOVE showing off that exquisite little blue-eyed kittie with his elegant soft markings!

If I looked like him, I wouldn't be able to pry myself from the mirror, either. My cats are beauty contestants, too, and I don't understand: a) how they can avoid staring at themselves in the mirror all the time, they are so ravishing, and b. how they can stand the looks of all us ugly humans. They must really love us, is all I can think.

You have to feel blessed to be loved by something with so much outer AND inner beauty as the typical cat or dog.

Toni said...

Thanks NC - The little guy loves the camera-he shows off for everyone! The girl is shy and doesn't like photos. She's beautiful too.

Yes, a home is not a home without pets in my opinion. Of course they love us -

mcl said...

Great photo!

Bill Morton said...

What a cutie!

Fargo said...


Beata said...

He just gets handsomer and handsomer, doesn't he?

U tube has a video of less smart cat dealing with his reflection:


If his foe were real, there would be trouble!