January 1, 2010

Here's To Good Memories

Last summer a friend mentioned he was taking his 13 year-old daughter to see the Ides of March in Elmwood Park. I googled the July 4 event and discovered another of my all time favorite bands was playing that night too. Some friends and I went and escaped to the 'good old days'. We go to see The Buckinghams every chance we get.

Two members are from the original band, Carl Giammarese, the lead singer, and Nick Fortuna on bass. "Newer" members are Bob Abrams on lead guitar and vocals, Tom Scheckel on drums and Bruce Soboroff on the keyboard.

Not only are the Buckinghams great performers - they're genuinely nice gentlemen. Now wouldn't it be fun to have a Rogers Park concert? Click the headline for a direct link to their website. Hope you enjoy the music.

1 comment:

Bill Morton said...

I go to the Elmwood Park concerts in Central Park as often as I can during the Summer and Fall seasons.

I remember when they first built the park, my band performed there as well.

Good memories in deed!