January 27, 2010

Expanding The 4th of July

It appears that financial problems bring common sense back into play now and again. While I’m not a native of Chicago but have lived here for a long time, I think this upcoming change is an Excellent Idea. Times change and it's perfectly acceptable to expand a tradition. At least the City isn't axing the fireworks.

There were many years when we lived close enough to walk two or three miles to and from the event along the lakefront. That was very enjoyable. But it could become troublesome if there were guests and we had to pack the blankets, the food, the kids, and the mother all the way to Grant Park for the fireworks. It was hell trying to get on a train or a bus back home. It was equally hellish if we drove.

This does indeed make the celebration more community oriented and inclusive to those who don’t want to make the trek. And at long last, the fireworks will be held on the 4th of July!


Fargo said...

I think this is a much better idea. People can spread out around each fireworks display, so the overall viewing area will be much larger than for downtown alone. People who don't like the huge crowds of downtown may have an easier time and actually be able to enjoy the show.

With smaller crowds, maybe safety will be better. It should certainly improve public transit on that day. The overload of public transit on 7/3 is the biggest reason why I've avoided the 7/3 fireworks for years. I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

BTW, I think that the Taste would be greatly improved by charging $5-10 admission. Smaller crowds there would be a very good thing.

Sometimes less is more.

The North Coast said...

It's a great idea to have three small displays instead of the huge event at Grant. This big event was a massive crowd control problem, and getting to and from it is hellish. Montrose Harbor, on the other hand, is almost within a summer's walk.

These mega-events never really were a good idea. They usually present public safety and sanitation problems in every city they take place in, and wreck the park grounds.

Maybe it's time to just scale everything down a bit.

The North Coast said...
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