January 11, 2010

CTA Hate Crimes, Panhandlers, and Hoarders

There’s a flurry of CTA news lately. The blue line was halted after a man fell onto the tracks. Someone fell from the Howard station onto the tracks in a state of inebriation. Today from the Tribune we have: Hate Crimes on CTA and Panhandlers on CTA

Long time CTA riders have many stories like these. The trios do card tricks and the rider loses. But the rider doesn’t know it’s a trio – until they all exit and run. Then we have the person reading scriptures yelling hellsfire and damnation to the whole car. Need I mention the cell phone conversations we can't help listening to?

There were times we'd sit in the station while police scoured the cars following an intercom warning that a known pick-pocket was on board. I haven't experienced that in awhile. Many of us can remember when there was more than one CTA person in the engine car too.

It’s dangerously amusing to watch the transfers on the Howard platform – it’s surprising more people don’t fall into the tracks. They hop off the Skokie yellow line and run up or across the platform even if there’s no connecting train in the station. Calm down, there will be another train.

Then we have the Purple line riders who arrive at Howard and have their stuff scattered all over the seat. It’s really a burden for them to allow another paying passenger to sit down. They groan and sigh as they move their overstuffed carryons. One man actually pointed out another empty seat to me and told me to sit there.

Yes sir! I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you – but someone else will! Have a good week and be safe on those platforms.

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