January 6, 2010

The Crazy Chain of 2010 - Get Linked Up

“Illinois pols cannot ask for more in taxes until they reform how they spend the tens of billions they already collect each year. Trouble is, many of the candidates for governor and for legislative seats see more revenue as the paramount remedy.

That is, having dug a deep hole, they want to fill it with more of your tax dollars -- while simultaneously digging the hole deeper.”

To read more here’s the January 3, 2010 Chicago Tribune Editorial

In just three days since the editorial was published, the headlines are bizarre.

There’s the possibility of Rahm running for Mayor, Berrios winning the three way assessor race, the police department dropping the entrance exams to meet their shortfall. Meanwhile, profile after profile pop up on 21 murderers released by the governor – of course, he put a halt to that program.

Further down the crazy chain and locally, we have two versions of the Chicago plumbing inspector convicted of taking brides to overlook code violations at 1637 W Granville. Chicago Tribune coverage

In the Sun-Times article, the inspector takes the fall which he probably deserved – but why the mistrial for the developer/owner? Where’s the money trail? What happens to any condo owners who are left holding the bag for this mess? Where’s their story? Sun-Times coverage

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