June 30, 2009

Neighbor Reports Cat Fight

This tidbit was in the inbox from the wee hours of June 30, 2009.

We went out for a walk around 10:30 this evening for some exercise and to enjoy the weather. We were on our way home around 11:30 or so on Bosworth talking away. We heard police loud speakers coming from the distance. We didn’t know where they were. Then we saw squad cars coming down Jonquil heading west. I wondered what was happening but had gotten caught up in a lively conversation with a neighbor.

Soon the noise and the flashing lights stopped. We continued talking for about another 45 minutes, and heard the noise again. This time we couldn't ignore it and excused ourselves to find out what was happening. As we hurried down the street the noise got louder when we got to the intersection of Bosworth and Jonquil. It was 1542-44 W. Jonquil and about 5 young ladies were engaged in heated argument and about another 15 girls were egging them on with about 10 guys looking on. We walked over to see what was happening but could not get close enough to see who the profanities were coming from. So I tried to get some of the onlookers to stop yelling.

I later found out that the police had been called numerous times about this activity in one evening. I dialed 911 and waited for the police. 5 minutes later 2 cars drive up and started over the loud speaker. We stopped one of the cars to talk to the cop. He pulled up closer to 1542 and got out of the car because the loud speaker his partner had been using did no good at stopping the noise. The cop confirmed that this was their 4th time at that address for the evening. 4 other cars eventually pulled up and the officers got out of their cars. The two cops that I stopped went into the crowd to break it up. The yelling continued. More cops come over to break up the crowd. It began to disperse as people headed west on Jonquil stopping at Ashland or across the street in front of NP. Still there was a group of about 10 that remained at the building yelling at each other. The cops tried to get them to go in the building since some of them said they lived at 1542-44. No one would go in. Some of the cops headed down to Jonquil and Ashland to break up an even larger crowd that had formed down there. About 20 to 25 minutes later they finally got control and people begin to leave and go indoors.

This happened two more times in the night. It is now going on 3:00 a.m. and I am still hearing noise through the window. I don't know what has gotten into these girls but they are at each others throats tonight. There isn't even a full moon. 6 times the cops have been called. 6 times 4 or more cars have come out to stop fighting between these loud mouthed belligerent girls for this same address. Ben Myer owns this property.

June 26, 2009

Friday Humor


From the in box.

NOH Walk

Experience the sights North of Howard this Friday evening at 7:00 p.m.. Meet us at Ashland and Howard in front of the Willye White Recreation Center, 1610 W. Howard.

All are welcome including our four legged pals on leashes.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Eva McCann
CAPS Facilitator, Beat 2422

June 25, 2009

Dance In Willye White Park - Tonight

Tonight, 6/25 6-8:30 p.m. is Swing night at Willye White Park, 1610 W Howard. Instructors from May I Have This Dance will offer 1 hour of free instruction from 6 - 7 p.m., followed by an hour and a half of open dance. Come on out and dance!

The event is sponsored by SSA#19

June 24, 2009

Involuntary Taxpayer Donations

“The privatization prevents the city from using continuing parking revenue collections to invest in necessary improvements, the study said. "Increased revenues should go to filling potholes, repairing sidewalks, planting trees, replacing streetlights and funding more efficient transportation options," the study said.

Chicago officials said the parking deal will help solve a severe budget shortfall and professionalize management of on-street parking.” Chicago Tribune

When people have a shortfall, they dig into their savings (IF they have one), work two jobs, cut back on the nonsense items like McDonalds, designer coffee, cruising in their car with no destination, etc. Apparently, we don’t talk about the City’s savings account – we only hear about more and more privatization and the fun part is our tax dollars are paying for it.

Meanwhile, vehicles and pedestrians navigate around potholes. The potholes will get filled when the spirit moves someone to do it. But if taxpayers wait on the same spirit to move them, they’re fined, threatened with confiscation of their homes, harassment and other dastardly deeds.

Meanwhile, the aldermen still are allowed their menu money apparently with no defined rules. To date, 123 cars can park free at certain park district parking lots along Sheridan Road in Ward 49, and X number of people may or may not be targeted by pigeon poop under railroad viaducts.

Parking Free: $89,000
Avoiding Pigeon Crap: $40,000
Total Taxpayer Dollars Tossed: $129,000 for 2009

That’s priceless – especially for those involuntary taxpayer donors who don’t own or drive cars! They’re busy helping out the CTA mismanagement.

June 23, 2009

New Website - A Must Visit

One of our new members took this backburner project and made it a reality. Thank you Bill Morton!

Willye White Park Advisory Council

Our Aldermen Gave Daley a Blank Check for Olympics

Most people's understanding of events last week is that Mayor Daley announced his intention to sign an agreement giving a blank check to the International Olympic Committee and making Chicago taxpayers liable for all costs. But before that, our legislative representatives gave Daley a blank check.
Alderman George Cardenas (12th): "We signed a $500M guarantee. We did that in 2007. Has anyone looked at the ordinance and the guarantee? The language of the ordinance clearly indicates that the Mayor has the prerogative to engage in further negotiations with other authorities. It gives him the power to make decisions based on this endeavor. We gave him that power, the Council did. The policy, it starts with the Council."
In the proud tradition of the Chicago City Council, together let us after the fact read the ordinance passed March 14, 2007:

Be It Ordained by the City Council of the City of Chicago:

SECTION 2. The City Council hereby authorizes the Mayor of the City (the "Mayor"), or the Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development, as the Mayor's designated representative ("Commissioner"), to execute and deliver, and the City Clerk to attest to, the following undertakings, agreements and documents on behalf of the City: ... (h) such further undertakings, agreements and documents as may be necessary or appropriate to the City's submission and implementation of its bid for the Olympic Games at the domestic and international levels. With respect to the Joinder Agreement, the City shall appropriate amounts sufficient to pay the obligations of the City pursuant to the Joinder Agreement (if any), and the City hereby covenants to take timely action as required by law to carry out the appropriation provisions of this sentence. All documents referred to in this Section 2 shall be subject to the review and approval of the Corporation Counsel [conspicuously absent: City Council]. Subject to the express limiting terms and conditions of this ordinance, it is the intent of the City Council that the grant of authority contained in the immediately preceding three (3) sentences shall be broadly construed to permit the Mayor and the Commissioner to take all necessary or appropriate actions to complete and prosecute the City's bid submission and the implementation thereof without further City Council action or approval, and, if the City is selected by the U.S.O.C. as the United States host city candidate, and if the City is subsequently selected by the LO.C as the host city, to execute such documents as may be necessary or appropriate to confirm such acceptances, time being of the essence.

SECTION 3. The City Council, in confirmation of its prior resolution, dated September 13, 2006, hereby again ... confirms that the City will take all necessary measures in order for the City to fulfill its obligations under the agreements attached to this ordinance and otherwise undertaken by the City with respect to the Olympic Games;

City Of Chicago Olympic Commitments Agreement

Section 3.

City Olympic Commitments.

As a material inducement to the U.S.O.C. 's consideration of the City's host city bid application, and intending to be bound hereby, the City covenants and agrees for the benefit of the U. S. O. C as follows ...the City understands that all representations, warranties and covenants made by the City in this Agreement and in the City's other bid documents, together with any other written commitments made by the City or the Bid Committee to the U.S.O.C. or to the LO.C shall be binding upon the City.

Joinder Undertaking (2016 Olympic Games).

The Bid Committee has agreed that in the event that the U.S.O.C selects the City as the U.S. Applicant City, the Bid Committee (which will then be referred to as the "Applicant Committee") shall enter into the Applicant Committee Agreement with the U.S.O.C. at the time ofsuch selection, and the Joint Marketing Agreement and the Games Operating Agreement with the U.S.O.C. when so directed by the U.S.O.C, and the Joint Marketing Programme Agreement with the U.S.O.C. and the I.O.C. when so directed by the U.S.O.C, and that in the event that the U.S.O.C. selects the City as the Applicant City and the I.O.C. and I.P.C. award the Games to the City, the Applicant Committee shall become, or cause to be formed, the O.C.O.G., and shall cause the O.C.O.G. to enter into the Host City Agreement when so directed by the U.S.O.C.
And the vote?
Yeas — Aldermen Flores, Haithcock, Hairston, Lyle, Beavers, Harris, Beale, Pope, Balcer, Cardenas, Olivo, Burke, T. Thomas, L. Thomas, Lane, Rugai, Murioz, ZaLewski, Chandler, Solis, Ocasio, Burnett, E. Smith, Carothers, Reboyras, Suarez, Matlak, Mell, Austin, Colon, Banks, Mitts, Allen, Laurino, O'Connor, Doherty, Natarus, Daley, Tunney, Levar, Shiller, Schulter, M. Smith, Moore, Stone — 45.

Nays — Aldermen Tillman, Preckwinkle, Coleman, Troutman, Brookins — 5.
Of course, in the proud tradition of the Chicago City Council, they probably didn't read it. They don't have the staff. They don't have the time.

Keep this list in mind as you hear outrage from our aldermen. A further hearing on this latest agreement is a pure pageant, and the out come is a foregone conclusion.

Late Update

And back on September 13, 2006:

WHEREAS. In connection with its proposal, the City must demonstrate the support and cooperation of the City and various other ovemmental bodies and other entities as a condition to the consideration of its proposal...

Be It Resolved, That we, the Mayor and members of the City Council of the City of Chicago, assembled this thirteenth day of September, 2006, do hereby express the City of Chicago's support of the spirit, principles and ideals embodied in the Olympic Charter and the development of community embodied in the meeting of athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games, and that in furtherance of this support we hereby guarantee the City's respect of the Olympic Charter, and that the City will take all necessary measures in order for the City to fulfill completely the obligations it will undertake;
And the vote? Unanimous.
Yeas — Aldermen Haithcock, Tillman, Preckwinkle, Hairston, Lyle, Beavers, Stroger, Beale, Pope, Balcer, Cardenas, Olivo, Burke, T. Thomas, Coleman, L. Thomas, Murphy, Rugai, Troutman, Brookins, Munoz, Zalewski, Chandler, Solis, Ocasio, Burnett, E. Smith, Carothers, Reboyras, Suarez, Matlak, Mell, Austin, Colon, Banks, Mitts, Alien, Laurino, O'Connor, Doherty, Natarus, Daley, Tunney, Levar, Shiller, Schulter, M. Smith, Moore, Stone - 49.

Nays — None.

June 21, 2009

Walkathon Fundraiser Snapshots

The games and the Olympic Torch Run were managed by Amy Skeen of Girls In The Game. Before the run, Amy gave a short quiz on sportsmanship and they were off! Every runner was cheered at the finish line - even those who chose to walk!

Amy Skeen - Girls In The Game A Quiz On Sportsmanship GEDC0014 And here they come! Cheering on the runners

Carol P. Norton and Sharon O'Connell awarded the runners with medals. Both Amy and Carol were friends of Willye White and are members of the Willye White Park Advisory Council.

Carol Norton Awarding Olympic Medals Sharon and Carol awarding medals The Youngest Olympic Medalist

Face Painting Sidewalk Artists

Carol Norton held storytelling time about her late friend, Willye White, so we could know what an honest, caring, woman she was as well as a great athlete. Willye not only was a 5 time Olympian but she was all about sportsmanship and fair play. In other words, how one plays the game is just as important as winning - maybe more.

Storytelling - Carol Norton

Here's Cory - one of the staff and a good mentor for the kids. The little lady stole the show with her high fives! She was very proud of her medal - who knows - maybe one day she'll be a famous Olympian.

Cory GEDC0026

Special thanks and kudos to the merchants who donated wonderful food, the council members, Mike Luckenbach, Paula Basta, Mike Harrington, and my neighbor Peter who picked up the food, and those merchants who delivered personally. Did I mention those brave souls who walked 3 miles in the heat? A round of applause for Sr. Cecilia and her group who served lunch too! And most of all, thanks to all who supported our first fundraising event financially and via email blasts to your distribution lists. And thanks to the Park District for partnering with us. Thanks to your support, we raised almost $2,500 for summer camp.

If you couldn't make the event and still wish to contribute please contact Eva or me.

On a side note: Girls In The Game will be added to the programming for the Willye White Center.

Moore: Mayor and Council are "co-equal"

After nearly two decades as Alderman, Joe Moore is still fundamentally confused about his job.
"You can't have the executive branch agreeing to hold the City and the taxpayers liable for an unlimited amount of money without having the City Council, the other co-equal branch of government, give its authorization."

-Joe Moore,
Thursday, June 18, 2009
Chicago Tonight
Moore claims to have a law degree, and here he borrows a concept from constitutional law in an attempt to confuse people about his personal accountability.
"Vote required. The passage of all ordinances for whatever purpose, and of any resolution or motion (i) to create any liability against a city or (ii) for the expenditure or appropriation of its money shall require the concurrence of a majority of all members then holding office on the city council..."

65 ILCS 5/3.1‑40‑40
Dear neighbors, when you look around Chicago, pot holes, parking meters, perennial deficits, soaring fees and taxation, lay-offs, graft, corruption, ... RECOGNIZE: the CITY COUNCIL is the corporate authority of Chicago. Our aldermen hold the purse strings. Under Illinois state law, the Mayor and the City Council are NOT "co-equal" branches of government.

And don't let any weasel tell you otherwise.

Chicago Tonight is required viewing for understanding our great City. This show has sat political opponents side by side for decades, but no one is more rude and disrespectful of each other than a panel of Chicago aldermen.

June 19, 2009

Build A Dream...

After today, we all deserve a break or two. Here’s the June 20 Weather Forecast

It’s Fathers Day weekend, almost the first day of summer, and there’s a festive event tomorrow at Willye B White Center, 1610 W. Howard. It’s also an important event to help at-risk, low income children of this area attend summer camp. When children are involved and become victims of a socio-economic downfall, we all need to pitch in and help. As many know, it isn’t easy being parents living from paycheck to paycheck and just making ends meet. Finding and affording a summer camp is another drain on the budget and the emotions.


So let’s enjoy the day, and bask in the sunshine that’s predicted and be a part of something positive and progressive. Let’s build dreams for the children – as a community. Meet new neighbors, enjoy old friends, good food, and watch the Willye White mini-Olympics and cheer on the teams.

June 18, 2009

Local Lobbyist to Run for Cook County Board President

Claypool won't run for Cook County prez

Greg Hinz, Crain's Chicago Business
In a major political surprise, Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool has decided not to run for County Board president in next year's election. ... In the wake of Mr. Claypool's decision, another commissioner, Lawrence Suffredin, says he is likely to do so. "I'm putting together an exploratory committee," Mr. Suffredin said.
Ward 49 Scare Tactics

Suffredin lobbyied for Fred Barbara landfill sued for IEPA violations

The company Suffredin keeps

Larry Suffredin wants to be the next Cook County state's attorney and says he'd fight corruption. But as a lobbyist, he's been working for a man implicated in a mob bombing

Larry Suffredin, a Cook County commissioner (D-Evanston), has come under attack by rivals for his work as a lobbyist on behalf of casino and drug-company interests.

BY ERIC HERMAN AND TIM NOVAK, Chicago Sun-Times, January 30, 2008

Larry Suffredin -- a self-styled reformer running for Cook County state's attorney -- lobbied for a landfill controlled by Fred Bruno Barbara, a businessman once charged with extortion and implicated in the mob bombing of a restaurant, the Sun-Times has learned.

Suffredin, a Cook County commissioner (D-Evanston), has come under attack by rivals for his work as a lobbyist on behalf of casino and drug-company interests. State records show he also lobbied for Kankakee Regional Landfill LLC -- a company tied to Barbara -- in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

"I don't think I've ever met Fred [Barbara] in my life," Suffredin said. "I didn't know he had an interest in it."

Barbara, 59, is a multimillionaire involved in trucking, waste hauling, banking, and other businesses. A friend of Mayor Daley's, Barbara at one time got more than 60 percent of his garbage-hauling business from city contracts. He has also been a consultant to the city's much-criticized blue bag recycling program. He has been arrested five times, including a 1982 arrest for extortion in an FBI sting. Barbara was acquitted in that case -- and has never been convicted of any crime.

During the Family Secrets mob trial last year, Outfit hit man Nicholas Calabrese said Barbara participated in the 1980s bombing of Horwath's Restaurant in Elmwood Park. Barbara is the grandson of Bruno Roti Sr., an organized crime boss, and the nephew of late Ald. Fred Roti, who allegedly represented mob interests on the City Council.

Documents on file with the state list Barbara as Kankakee Regional's manager as far back as May 31, 2006. The company's address is given as 2300 S. Archer Ave., the address of other Barbara businesses. At a hearing held last June, an official from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency identified Barbara as one of three partners in the landfill.

Barbara did not return calls seeking comment.

Kankakee Regional has been trying to build a 240-acre dump in Kankakee since at least 2004. But the project has faced opposition from local groups and from Waste Management, the trash-removal giant that has a competing proposal. Kankakee Regional has been granted a development permit to build infrastructure but not to accept waste, according to IEPA spokeswoman Maggie Carson.

The project has been approved by the Kankakee city council and the Illinois Pollution Control Board, but it is bogged down in litigation and has not opened. In June 2007, Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued Kankakee Regional for illegally dumping construction and demolition debris at the site. That suit and another are pending.

Tom Volini, one of the partners in the project, said the landfill is environmentally sound and the dumping was permitted by the city and under state law.

"The issuance of the Illinois EPA permit is the best evidence of the soundness," said Volini, the brother-in-law of former 48th Ward alderman Marion Volini.

Suffredin -- who has made fighting political corruption central to his campaign for state's attorney -- said he "interacted with the Illinois EPA" and dealt with "hydrology issues" on the landfill's behalf.

Suffredin said he has not worked on the project in over a year, and pointed to a public filing made by his law firm, Shefsky & Froelich, stating it withdrew on July 27, 2007.

"Tom Volini is the only person I ever dealt with on this project," Suffredin said.
Suffredin said he was told "there was a falling out with the partners, and Tom was removed as the person in charge," prompting the Shefsky firm to stop representing the landfill.

But in its own filing dated Aug. 23, 2007, Kankakee Regional lists both Suffredin and the Shefsky firm as its lobbyists. The company has not yet filed a lobbying disclosure form for 2008, according to the secretary of state's office.

Suffredin is competing in a tight race against five other candidates for the Democratic nomination to succeed state's attorney Dick Devine. The winner in the Feb. 5 primary will face Republican Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica. In a recent TV ad, Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool says of Suffredin, ''On the county board he's a reformer. He'll take on political corruption.''

Suffredin said he saw no problem with representing the Barbara-controlled company. "He's not been a client. He's been an owner of a client that I worked for ... If I had directly represented him, it'd bother me," Suffredin said.

June 15, 2009

Moving Right Along

To those who have contributed $5.00 to $250.00 - THANK YOU!


Please join us Saturday for a fun day. If you are already committed to another event, will you please sponsor a walker or a child to join in the fun? It's for the children.

Contact Eva McCann at 773 761 8206 or email elm@clstoons.com or me, howardwatchers@aol.com to donate!

June 12, 2009

Infra What?

A CTA bus is pretty heavy. Several of them rolling directly over a weak spot in the infrastructure like this will eventually swallow one of them. Or your car.

Bus Stop Before Giant Collapse on Howard Street

Collapsing Sewer on Howard Collapsing Sewer on Howard

Collapsing Sewer on Howard

This monster is in front of Lost Eras on Howard Street. Will there be any menu money left for this neck of the woods?

Lost Eras - Howard Street Collapsing Sewer

The Beat Goes On...

Last nights CAPS meeting was rained and chilled out of Triangle Park so we met in the Willye White Center.

We learned of one new building issue - condo buildings with bad rentals by the owner. This is the second condo bad tenant story I've heard this spring. Most were the usual problems NOH. We had representation from the ward office who participated. After the meeting, she and I discussed a few issues that time didn't allow during the meeting.

And, Lorraine Swanson - Lake Effect News - who's been touring CAPS meetings, has this for your reading/information on Beat 2422

The Jonquil problem building is in the 1600 block rather than the 1300 block. But it's the usual issues - heavy traffic, people yelling from the sidewalk to the upper floors instead of calling or using doorbells. YO - use one of those cell phones in your pocket.

Tomorrow is the Beat Walk on the North side of Howard Street. Meet at 7:00 PM in front of the Willye White Center, 1610 W Howard.

June 11, 2009

CAPS Beat 2422 In The Parks

Update: Location change: Willye B White Center, 1610 W Howard

For the months of June, July and August, CAPS Beat meetings will be held in the North of Howard Parks.

Tonights meeting is scheduled to be in Triangle Park at 7720 N Hermitage at 7:00PM. Please bring a folding chair, tarp, etc. to sit on. If it rains, the alternate location is the Willye B White Center at 1610 W Howard.

June 10, 2009

Yes - You Can!

People are pre-registering to walk or to come for the lunch and afternoon activities. Others are kindly giving money to sponsor walkers or children. We understand the tough economic times many are going through – and we also know that the recession that has hit the rest of America is not new to low-income families. Many have been suffering financial hardships for years. But the children shouldn’t have to endure being latch key kids because their parents can’t afford summer camp.


How can you afford to donate? Think in the long-term for the next 9-10 days and see how you could afford to attend or be a sponsor.

– pack a lunch instead of stopping at a fast-food place for lunch or dinner
– walk instead of drive when you can
– drink water instead of soft drinks, designer coffee or liquor
– by-pass the fries or chips or dessert
– put a collection jar for the kids in your place of business

Try eliminating just one or more on the list and see how much you actually save in a few days. Think about one child spending summer outside with positive activities as compared to sitting home watching TV or worse, sneaking out while Mother is at work.

You could help change the future of just one child this summer.

Help Inspire Just One Child To Follow This Path

June 9, 2009

Willye B. White

Age Discrimination - Is It Real?

“When Ben Sims, 57, showed up earlier this year for a job interview at a company in Richardson, Tex., he noticed the hiring manager — several decades his junior — falter upon spotting him in the lobby.”
Complete article from The New York Times

When will the politicians jump on the age discrimination bandwagon? After all, every year is an election year – even if it doesn’t appear on a calendar. Age discrimination has been alive and well since long before the economic downturn. The current economic woes just brought the issue to the forefront.

Have you ever heard ‘you’re overqualified’ for the position? Have you ever responded to a classified ad naming the title of the position to find it was much less and generic? An ad stating: Office Manager Wanted actually dilutes in the interview to Fishbowl Receptionist! Is that a misrepresentation of the job description in the ad?

What the interviewer is actually saying is "you're older, too qualified, and we'll have to pay you what you're worth' and/or we'd prefer to place someone younger in this important position because our offer will seem great to them - you know it isn't!" It's irrelevant if the older generation has a work ethic, can learn computer programs, doesn't take time off to have children, or abuse the system with chronic absenteeism. Many in management ignore these issues in their business concept of having a 'young workforce'.

It’s one of those ‘feel good laws’ that apparently isn’t being enforced.

June 6, 2009

D-Day June 6, 1944

Photos from Life Magazine

Today is the 65th Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy.

June 4, 2009

Positive Partnering

You know, when someone does the right thing it’s wise to give credit where credit is due. While people may agree to disagree on certain matters in this neighborhood, RogersPark.com offers their readers a variety of what’s happening in Rogers Park.

Look at today’s home page – featuring The Rogers Park Garden Club Event, the announcement of a new organization that bears the name “Chamber of Commerce”, the Womens Resource Fair, and many more. Of course, one of my personal endeavors, the upcoming Willye White Park Councils Fathers Day event appears too.

Putting an event together takes time, planning, volunteers, a lot of work, support, and partnering – especially when the purpose of the event is to have a positive impact on our neighborhood.

Thank you Mike and Charlie for helping promote our June 20 event to help the children.

June 1, 2009

Text To Tip

TXT2TIP allows the public to send tips (including pictures, video or audio) via text message about criminal activity to the Chicago Police Department from any cell phone. Cook County Crime Stoppers is offering up to $1,000 dollars for information leading to arrests.