April 29, 2009

Please Help At-Risk NOH Children And Vote For Willye

Special thanks and appreciation to Charlie and Karen

Four women who knew Willye White and worked with her on many projects attended our parks advisory council meeting last Tuesday. Ms. White has been nominated to be inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame. Sarah Armantrout, a long time friend of Ms. White, emailed the information and link to me so the council can assist in getting Chicagoans to vote for Ms. White.

After a few technical issues, the Willye White Park Advisory Council Fundraising Letter, developed for individuals and/or business owners to be partners in our efforts to provide special programs and financial assistance to our children, was also posted on RogersPark.com.

A great neighbor, Bill Morton, has volunteered his time and is developing a a web site sponsored by the City of Chicago so the council may promote programs and activities for the center and information on all three parks North of Howard. To date we have had matches to my initial $100 challenge to match or surpass. In fact, one neighbor who initially pledged $100 changed his mind and surpassed the challenge by raising his donation to $200!

We hope local and city organizations will help promote park programs for at-risk and underpriveleged children with a tax deductible donation with a check to Willye White Park Advisory Council. We have three parks North of Howard - Willye White, Triangle, and Harold Washington Memorial Playlot, so notations in the memo section should specify where the donation should be applied.

Please contact Eva McCann, elm@clstoons.com or me, howardwatchers@aol.com with any questions, event or special programming ideas you may have.

Precaution Closes Rogers Park School

We have the dubious distinction of being the first reported spot in Chicago of possible swine flu case.

Don’t forget to tell people to stop spitting on the sidewalks of Rogers Park too. Remember tuberculosis is another air-borne disease. Since the spitting law was lifted all kinds of people are just spitting away...from the street person to suits on downtown streets. Ever hear of carrying tissues? They're less expensive than that designer coffee.

Next, what is the CTA planning to do to sanitize trains and buses? What’s being done on interstate buses, and Amtrak? Here’s a long article from the Chicago Tribune on the airlines

April 27, 2009

Judgement Day: Govinator Closes Official Bank of Moore Pals Mudd & Golovan

The administration of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has ordered closed the Official Bank of Moore very good foreclosed developer pals Chuck Mudd and "Steve" Golovan, the bank that last week foreclosed on seven far north side apartment buildings.
Regulators close First Bank of Beverly Hills

Richard Cowan, Reuters, Friday April 24

WASHINGTON – Bank regulators closed First Bank of Beverly Hills in Calabasas, California, on Friday, the 28th U.S. bank to fail this year.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp said First Bank of Beverly Hills had $1.5 billion in assets and $1 billion in deposits.

FDIC said it had approved the payout of the insured deposits. The bank was closed by the California Department of Financial Institutions, which appointed the FDIC as the receiver.

April 25, 2009

Rainbow Walk - Beat 2422

Infrastructure Issues along Jarvis….They’re not easy to miss –

collapsing sewer same collapsing sewer
Another Collapsing Sewer Same Hole - Different View Collapsing Sewer Ashland

On Rogers…this very dead tree leans on the utility pole and is tied to the fence. Is the property owner just waiting for it to collapse the ‘natural way’ or too cheap or broke to cut it down?

Tree Hugging Gone Too Far Time To Let Go -

Lorraine Dostal gave us a brief respite from potholes with a mini-architectural study. Notice the Olympic flames and the delicate relief work framing a doorway. This building is directly behind the tree hugger property.

Dostals Olympic Flame Several Olympic Flames Intricate Design

Westward bound – we passed the Lerner-Terzakis Mosquito Hatchery. One woman in the group thought the property should be turned into a community garden.

Lerner Mosquito Hatchery

On to building issues – It’s been like this for at least 2-3 years. Looks like the developer ran out of money and the building permits expired. 1626-28 W Fargo. The Fargo Chronicles

Wide Open Vacant Building Same Problem-Different Year Stop!

Here’s a twice secured home! These guard dogs let us know we were being observed.

Leetle Bitty Barking Dogs

Mother Nature provided the highlight of the walk - a rainbow over Lake Michigan.

Rainbow Over Lake Michigan Rainbow Over Lake Michigan Rainbow Over Lake Michigan Rainbow Over Lake Michigan

April 24, 2009

Have You Any Wool (or Guts)?

Amusing isn’t it? If voters ever get brave and learn to say NO maybe City Council would have tigers instead of sheep. Baaa Baaa Baaa

Happy Friday.

Don’t forget the Beat Walk at 7:00 PM tonight – meet up at Jarvis Square!

April 23, 2009

South of Howard News

Huberman's next step should be teams of mediators for troubled schools - and both students and parents need an exercise in building self-esteem and parenting.

The site states the membership fees may be waived if parents can’t afford them.

Bridge Over Troubled Bosworth

Hum along!

Bridge Over Troubled Bosworth

Lake Bosworth Lake Bosworth

Lake Bosworth has been in existence for years. This latest backup has been here for weeks in the form of ice and standing water. Where's the super plunger for this plugged storm sewer?

A few weeks ago Howard Street got plunged, rodded, and plunged again. What happened, did they just push it all down Bosworth?

This pile of slime and a monster beer can were pulled from the storm sewer on Bosworth/Howard a few weeks ago. Yet those who are hell bent on destroying the neighborhood don’t get it when they see workers pulling this gunk from sewers. They’re just huge drains like the kitchen sink.

If one pours enough grease down the drain from those unhealthy frying pans the plumber has to drag this gunk out so the water will flow. God only knows how the beer can got in the system without prying a grate and tossing it in.


Howard Street must have really been clogged. Special crews/trucks worked on it over the past several weeks.

GEDC0021 GEDC0022

I do not envy this man’s job.


Any money left for poor old Bosworth? It's been years guys.

April 22, 2009

Foreclosed Developer Pals Golovan & Mudd find Cash for Moore

1626 W Lunt (PIN 11-31-213-010)
North Side developers face $11 million in foreclosure suits

By Samantha Sleevi, April 22, 2009

(Crain’s) — A Southern California bank has sued to collect more than $9.5 million on seven vintage North Side apartment buildings owned by developers Charles Mudd and Steve Golovan of Chicago Graystone Realty LLC.

Chicago Graystone and an affiliated construction firm, Castlebar Enterprises Inc., have been active rehabbers of apartment properties in addition to building new developments ...

First Bank of Beverly Hills alleges that five loans fell into default when they came due Nov. 15 and were left unpaid ...

The foreclosure suits hit rental properties from Rogers Park to West Town. ... [including] a 20-unit building at 1626 W. Lunt Ave.
Although Golovan does not live in the 49th ward, and although his business office is in the 32th ward, Moore is Golovan's fav alderman, and Golovan is among Moore's most generous supporters:

Castlebar Operating Trust Account
2636 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

$2,500.00 on 12/14/2006 from 1620 W Estes LLC to Citizens for Joe Moore
$2,500.00 on 12/14/2006 from 1620 W Estes LLC to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,500.00 on 11/30/2006 from 7024 N. Ridge LLC to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,500.00 on 11/30/2006 from 7024 N. Ridge LLC to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,500.00 on 11/30/2006 from 4716 Beacon to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,500.00 on 11/30/2006 from 4716 Beacon to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,000.00 on 7/16/2003 to Citizens for Joe Moore

Active Equities, LLC
Charles Mudd and Steve Golovan, owners
2636 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

$3,000.00 on 3/12/2007 to Citizens for Joe Moore
$2,500.00 on 1/30/2006 to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,500.00 on 1/16/2004 to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,500.00 on 1/16/2004 to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,000.00 on 10/24/2002 to Citizens for Joe Moore
$1,000.00 on 6/14/2002 to Citizens for Joe Moore

$22,500.00 reported since 2002.

Those are NOT not a typos - when disclosing, Moore seems to prefer to break Golovan's payments up. And for his part, Golovan much prefers to pay alms under the name of an LLC to his own name.

Mudd shares office space in Suite 101 at 1333 N Kingsbury with his partners William and Martha Moran of Bill Moran and Associates and Bil-Mar Management LLC, another of the top underwriters of Moore's incumbency, but time and space do not permit a detailed accounting at this time. You can look it up.

Golovan, Mudd, and another Chief Sponsor of Alderman Joe Moore (R), realtor-developer-aldermanic-advisor Rich Aronson teamed up to purchase Moore's legislative services in dismantling Chicago's Lakefront Protection Ordinance when they pitched a replacement for the Connie Abels Legacy Project at 7015 N Sheridan that went no where beyond demolition. Again, resources do not permit an adequate treatment of Aronson's abiding commitment to pay-to-play development in Rogers Park. You can look it up.

Regular readers will recognize Golovan as The King of Tear-Downs-For-Condos in Rogers Park. Golovan is the best customer of Moore's pay-to-play demolition permit service:

Babies and Bank Accounts

Babies Having Babies Our responsibility to educate youth on sex.

"I'll get kids with a 5. They don't even get the uterus right," said Cailteux, who teaches high school sophomores about both abstinence and contraception. "It's very frustrating at times because you expect them to know the basics, but the basics have not been taught."

Sophomore Tim Nemec, 16, of Joliet acknowledged that he never learned much about reproduction or the risk of infections until he took the health course required of all sophomores at Joliet Central. After that, he noticed a shift in some classmates' attitudes.

"There were some kids who went in like, 'I don't care. I'll do what I want,' " Nemec said. "But after a while, they were sort of like, 'Wow, I don't know if this person is clean or not,' or, 'I could actually get someone pregnant.' " Source – Chicago Tribune

Teen pregnancy isn’t the only issue that needs to be addressed. The whole concept of physical, emotional and financial responsibility needs to be repeated like a mantra. The lovey dovey feel good emotions flatline at 2:00 AM when baby starts crying – again. Reality – babies are little people who scream, cry, produce stinky diapers and cost a lot of money. They’re not toys or the fulfillment of a ‘love dream’. On the other hand, teenagers have always been and always be under the myth that they are indestructible. It’s like kids say after an accident, car wreck, or worse, “I didn’t think it could happen to me.” Well, let’s ensure that they’re informed properly so their lives aren’t detoured for a couple of decades because they thought having a baby at 15 would be glamorous.

On Financial Education/Responsibility

"Neely acknowledged that it's an uphill battle to teach kids how to save.
"Every year, our children are bombarded with thousands of commercials that are telling them to spend, spend, spend," she said.
Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) said financial ignorance is worse today than it was when she grew up in Arkansas.

"Now, you have parents who don't have a job, so how can they have a bank account? And they're not teaching the children how to spend any money because they're spending whatever they have -- whether it be on food or on things that are ... self-destructive," Mitts said.

"There are children who ... don't want to be like their parents. They want something better. They know their parents are headed down the wrong way. This program is gonna allow them to learn at an early age, what [does] it mean to save. You can't go to the store and buy candy with everything you have. But, if you save a little, you'll be able to at least go get you a pair of socks, some gloves."

Good for Huberman – I’ll give him a star on this one. It would help if schools could have one night or afternoon to include parents so their children could teach them what they’ve learned. Empower the kids to teach Mom and Dad in a supervised classroom setting. Source – Sun-Times

April 21, 2009

The Crown Prince Of Incompetency - Toddler

Editorial Commentary - The Sun-Times:

"6. You said you didn't learn about the extent of Cole's troubled background until roughly two weeks ago, just before you fired him. Given your knowledge of Cole's background in Georgia, why didn't you ensure a background check was done before you hired him? Why didn't you demand a background check when you learned of his arrest in Chicago, several months ago?

7. Were you concerned for the safety of other county employees each time the county allowed Cole to return to work? In all this, we want to make one thing clear: This isn't about personalities. This is about managerial competence and the public trust.
Stroger can start answering these questions to prove to taxpayers that he's the man to lead the county.

Or he can start looking for another job."

Why is it that there are hearings to appoint politicians to posts at higher government levels - yet in Crook County apparently there aren’t even such common sense practices like background checks?

Come on commissioners, taxpayers are forking out the salaries here, don’t we deserve better than this? Implement background checks now and toss in mandatory drug testing too. If volunteers for certain government entities have to be subjected to both, why aren’t the paid government employees?

The machine hacks that pushed him into office should be forced to resign too. The taxpayers should bill the machine for fraud and extortion because that’s all we’ve gotten for our hard-earned money.

April 20, 2009

Walk Under The Stars

Greetings Neighbors, Friends and Comrades,

Welcome to the Son of the Daughter of the Second Cousin Twice Removed of Walk Under the Stars.

Come on out and join Beat 2422 for a pleasant walk South of Howard (SOH) through the neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors, do some positive loitering around problem areas. Point out and jot down places that you consider unsavory and unsafe. Whether it is a dangerous pothole or a building with drug dealing and/or prostitution, abandoned buildings with squatters or street lights that are out, sewers that back up or trees that need trimming, these are all things that need to be reported either to the police or to the Department of City Services. Help us identify these problems while enjoying the outdoors, getting some exercise and building camaraderie.

Bring a pad and pen to take note of problems you spot.

Bring your four legged friends, strollers with babies and other children. If you know someone in a wheelchair, bring them too for some fresh air and good company. All are welcome all can help be a positive influence in the neighborhood in which we live.

It will only take an hour, unless you want to socialize afterwards.

Who: Beat 2422, the Daughter of the Second Cousin Twice Removed of Walk Under the Stars
What: Community Walk Under the Stars
Where: Jarvis Square, corner of Jarvis and Greenview
When: Friday, April 24th
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Eva McCann
Facilitator, CAPS Beat 2422

April 19, 2009

April 18, 2009

NOH Walkers and Park Sitters

Twelve neighbors and three canine friends came out for the Beat Walk tonight.

Walking on Paulina Walking and Talking Loitering a little Charlie and Louie - The BoJo Boys Buddy

We noted quality of life issues - safety issues like this ankle breaker at Jonquil and Paulina in front of the Laundromat.

Gaping Hole at Paulina/Jonquil

Here’s the problem building at 7712 N Ashland with the open gate and the alleged pass-thru window. Neighbors have observed drug transactions here for months. If the door is locked – just knock on the window.

7712 N Ashland Pass-Thru Window at 7712 N Ashland

The on-going issue of eat and drop and drink and drop littering by residents and tourists.

Landfill Trash

Apparently we were walking too slowly, had too many cameras, and in general were taking up too much sidewalk space for these young ladies. Ahh, remember those days of youth - being in a rush with no particular destination?

Excuse me ladies

Along the route, we heard from observers that the green service mail box on the 7700 block of Paulina was used to stash paintball guns. It’s door stood unlocked and wide open even though it was reported to the postal service a year ago. Drug drop off and pick up hideaways were also pointed out and noted.

All was peaceful at the Harold Washington Playlot.

Harold Washington Playlot

As is often the case, the most interesting part came after the walk. Some die-hards decided to loiter in White Park for awhile on a park bench. That decision interrupted a craps game. The players saw the die-hards coming from the south and a squad car cruising north in the alley and took off. They left their score sheet behind! The longer we sat, the emptier the north end of the park became.

The craps game resumed in the basketball court and was interrupted again when a squad and undercover car cruised through the park.

Please join the die-hard park sitters and NOH walkers!

Enjoy Your Clean Park!

Here is a strong argument to ban take-out food if neighbors can’t find the trash can. The larger bag to the left is my first of two trash bags. Any speculation on the dark spot?

Eat, Toss and Urinate? Trash Can Nearby Ban Fast Foods!

Since the picnic tables were abused, this remaining steel park bench must be a tote and toss spot now. For a few hours, it will be presentable to small children. The park wasn’t too littered thankfully!

Leetle Beety Drug Baggies Drug Baggies Leetle Beety Drug Baggie Willye B White Park Clean-up 4.18.09

One person attending a parks council meeting chastised the Park District and Council(s) for removing the chess tables. Sorry sir, if you abuse it – you lose it. A year ago this area was a drug dealing, poker playin’, craps tossin’ hot spot. The chairs were busted and looked like crap. It’s gone and good riddance. There’s a chess club in the Center for those truly interested in the game.

Willye B White Park Clean-up 4.18.09 Willye B White Park Clean-up 4.18.09

Thanks to the clean up crew – Mike Luckenbach, Paula Basta, Eva McCann and Tim Jackson!

Luckenbach, Basta, McCann, Jackson

April 17, 2009

Gordon Running Again?

An email message from Don Gordon:

"Stewart is picking this up from someone other than me. Good investigative journalism would dictate that he at least ask me at some point rather than rely on just second-hand sources before he makes such a bold and declarative statement. I won't deny that I've talked to a number of people over the past couple months to solicit feedback from those whose opinion I value. Suffice it to say that with the election almost 2 years off, I'm still in the explorative stage. However, I won't deny that I'm seriously considering another run again, but it will be a number of months yet before I can feel comfortable in determining whether there's sufficient support. I won't run just to seek a job. I'll run only if I feel there's a wide base of support again in the community that wants me to be a candidate in 2011."

One thing we know for sure, Don runs every day!

Family Feud in Stroger Land

From the Chicago Tribune

"Cook County Board President Todd Stroger booted his cousin from her job as the county's chief financial officer as he sought to blunt a growing controversy over a patronage worker with a criminal background whom Stroger personally hired and recently fired."

Donna should have taken that advanced Excel class so those line items in the budget balanced. Donna's taken heat for Toddler but she's been well compensated - who's next?

Larry Suffredin wants Toddler to resign? But wait! Didn't Larry endorse Toddler?

Didn't he urge us to vote for him to replace Papa. My how things change - after the tax increase - of course.

Parks Clean Up Day

Hello Friends of our Parks,

Come on out and celebrate the beauty of our Parks and help pick up garbage on Saturday morning, April 18th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Join a group in Dubkin Park at Fargo and Ashland, Triangle Park, Harold Washington Playlot, and Willye White Park. Toni and I will be at Willye White Park.

Come with plastic bags for garbage, grocery bags will do just fine, some gloves and a smile on your face to greet others who will be there to help make our parks cleaner and more beautiful.

Let our parks know that we care about how they look. Parks are living things too you know.

Hope someone brings a camera to take pictures to share and we can send them to Friends of the Parks and the Chicago Park District to let them know we are out there doing our part to keep our parks attractive, and welcoming for all.

We can meet afterwards at Charmers at Jarvis & Greenview and talk about the interesting items we found in the parks, then go on our merry ways to celebrate the rest of the day and enjoy the long anticipated spring weather.

From Eva

Moore spent $945,839

Retiring Aldermen Could Create Clout Vacuum

Russ Stewart, Chicago Daily Observer, 17 April 2009
"Moore is desperately seeking an escape hatch from his aldermanic post, which he has held since 1991. In 2007, Moore spent $945,839 and eked out a 251-vote runoff victory over Don Gordon. Moore’s 2011 prospects rank between dismal and non-existent. The alderman, age 50, fervently hopes that U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-9) runs for U.S. Senator in 2010. ...

Gordon is running again. If Moore ejects or retires, he’d likely support David Fagus, the ward’s Democratic committeeman, for alderman. Other candidates may include community activist Katy Hogan and ... loser Jim Ginderske. Moore had $59,265 in his account."

April 16, 2009

A Spring Stroll

Come out and join Beat 2422 as we walk this Saturday, April 18th at 7:00 P.M.

We will meet at the Willye White Community Recreation Center at 1610 W. Howard

The weatherman says the temperatures are expected to be in the mid 60's. Great weather for a spring walk through the North of Howard area. Engage in pleasant conversation, get to know your neighbors and enjoy the warmer weather.

Bring pen and paper so that we can take note of troubled and abandoned buildings, street lights that are out, sewers that are backed up, trees that need trimming and other city services that need to be reported.

We will try to cover the area from Triangle Park to the west down to the lakefront on Eastlake Terrace.

Bring your four legged friends, your strollers and babies and little ones. All ages are welcome, if you have someone in a wheelchair bring them too or a new friend. Everyone can use some fresh air and company besides the television or computer.

Hope to see you out there.

Facilitator, Beat 2422


April 15, 2009

A Rush Hour Hazard On Howard

Exiting the Howard train stop on the north stairwell, I noticed a large number of people milling around. OK, I figured, it's a relatively warm afternoon after all the gloomy weather and kids are out. But when I crossed Paulina and saw a woman kneeling down covering her little girl I knew better. She heard the noise and crouched to protect her child. The talk on the corner was about a possible drive-by shooting. No one saw anything but several heard gunfire. A couple of squad cars flew past and stopped some young men while others checked to see if anyone had been hit. No arrests were made.


From a friend who was on the treadmill at the Willie B White weight room:

“Before the happening, there was a large group running west on Howard – more than 20. Others joined the group on Marshfield. I heard one pop sound and everyone scattered, some ran north on Marshfield, some ran back east on Howard past the WBW center. A police car drove by with no siren, followed by at least 4 more with sirens and lights flashing and later, a paddy wagon. I saw 4 squads and 1 tactical car.”

I asked my friend if the group of about 10-15 was still in front of the building. The response was they had dispersed, some were playing basketball and the street had returned to 'normal'.

Perhaps our good neighbors will consider the importance of joining our walks, consider creating block clubs and holding lots and lots of events in the park. Let's strive for 24/7 normal.