December 29, 2009

Terrorist Undies

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration was on the defensive Monday over how a Nigerian man who tried to destroy Detroit-bound Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day held a valid U.S. visa, was allowed to board the plane in Amsterdam even though he was on a terrorist watch list, and was able to bring an explosive substance undetected on the aircraft. From the Sun-Times

Meanwhile, Abdulmutallab, who was allegedly in the US database of suspected terrorists, is recovering at our expense. Diagnosis: Torched Man Things


Jillian said...

Do you know where I can buy some terrorist panties? The hidden pockets would be a great place to store my cigs and quarters for Chicago parking meters.

The North Coast said...

U.S. Naturalization & Immigration, Homeland Security, and the FBI have a lot to answer for, given the number of people who have U.S. visas who shouldn't, and the still larger number of people whose visas have expired who are running around loose here. Obama's lenient posture regarding illegal immigrants is not surely not helping.

However, the Netherlands obviously has to answer for its defective airport security.