December 4, 2009

The Local Tourist

Walking is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I’m not restricted by time. After work I headed east and north with Water Tower Place as one destination. It was a brisk 1.6 mile walk as the sun was setting. State Street was busy as were the other streets. Some passersby smiled as I took photos no doubt thinking I was a tourist. I was – just of the local variety.

The Local Tourist

Wacker Drive may be one of the most confusing streets downtown since it curves and has East, West, North and South on street signs. Wacker and Wabash has to be one of the coldest corners in the city! My first job upon arriving in Chicago was at an ad agency on Wabash where the el derailed years ago on the curve. Every so often I trekked across the river to the Tribune to drop off layouts to meet a deadline.

The city has changed over the decades. A certain store is still known as Marshall Field’s to many of us while the great old Carson’s building is wrapped in scaffolding and signs – but it’s still State Street. The Magnificent Mile is always an awesome sight especially when the holiday lights sparkle in the barren trees. The Tribune building didn’t have its greenery around the arched entrance but further north the Water Tower Park was shimmering with white canopy lighting over the sidewalk.

I hope you enjoy the virtual walk with this local tourist.


Save Street End Beaches said...

I enjoyed your commentary :)

mcl said...

Nice photos, Toni, Thanks for sharing!