November 21, 2009

It's All A Big Lie - File This Too

Around 6:30 pm last night, four loud gunshots rang out. Neighbors saw people running both north and south on Bosworth. Several squads responded to multiple 911 calls immediately. They stopped some who were running – but no arrests were made. Those who were briefly detained may know why shots rang out – but will keep the code of silence. About 30-45 minutes later, the squads were back on Jonquil – purpose unknown.

New residents who either plunked down $300K for a home or just moved into apartments are a little disturbed by the incident. They’re also uneasy at being approached on Howard to purchase drugs. The big ask is part of the initiation of being new to the hood. As one repeatedly ignores the question or says ‘I’m good’ or ‘I’m straight’ the hope of a new client fades away for the dealers. It’s déjà vu for many of us. The big misleading story about how the neighborhood has changed…..

There’s little need for anyone to deny much of what happens North of Howard – especially when it hits the media.

While the area may not be as horrific as it was15 years ago, there’s no need to get complacent – complacency is misleading and dangerous. Just ask anyone who’s been knocked down and robbed in Rogers Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park or anywhere in Chicago. Many were hooked up to iPods, talking on cell phones, not paying attention to their surroundings, or out alone in the early morning hours. They were walking targets.

One can be a walking target at 6:30 pm if the characters of the neighborhood or their tourist friends have issues and fire shots as the solution.

No offense but the politicians, the agencies, and their supporters who cling to their belief that they’re doing positive things here claim the bloggers are ruining it with their negativity (truth). Gunshots, drugs and gangs aren’t imaginary or lies – they’re real. What’s negative – people dealing with the truth or the people trying to brush it under the rug?

Rug brushing is the old political blame game played by the ones who don’t live here. The other excuse now is the economy – what was the excuse when the economy was soaring?

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loulou said...

Toni, I am feeling a little left out. I have never been approached to buy drugs while living NOH. Of course I see drug deals every day, have been harassed by the youth in the neighborhood when I ask them not to walk on our flowers or toss their litter on the sidewalk, have had to change my path to avoid the prostitutes and gang members. You are right, It isn't as bad as it once was, but it ain't much better! Be alert and be careful, all!